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Cashback Blackjack Live – First of Its Kind

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Playtech is back, guys! The innovative online casino game developer has returned to the spotlight with superb new releases.

The first one on our agenda is Cashback Blackjack, a live dealer treat that will surely appeal to skilful Blackjack players. Much like the original release – this is a live dealer remake – the game offers you a chance to cash out mid-session.

Stick with us if you want to learn what is hiding in the newest Playtech-Stoiximan/Betano live Blackjack title. You won’t regret it!

Brief Game Overview

As we mentioned, the concept and the game are not new. Several years ago, Playtech surprised the gaming community with a revolutionary idea of cashback in the middle of the game. Playtech kept the concept from the RNG game and upgraded a few elements with its Stoiximan/Betano partner. The result of their collaboration is this amazing Cashback Blackjack Live, an eight-deck live dealer variant with boosted scalability. An unlimited number of players can join each round, which makes playtime faster and easier.

The most prominent game feature is the Cashback option that you have in every round. Next to Cashback, punters can also choose between regular actions such as Hit, Stand, Double, and Split.

Next to the regular main bet, you can also pick any of the six possible side bets. The game is highly volatile, but we are yet to see if it’s as temperamental as its RNG counterpart. Furthermore, if the regular RNG variant with its 99.55% RTP is any indicator, the new version has some big shoes to fill.

How to Play Cashback Blackjack Live

This is a standard Blackjack variant that, in terms of side bets, resembles All Bets Blackjack the most. For this release, Playtech decided to collaborate with Stoiximan/Betano, the famous operator from Greece. The two brands came up with an idea to refurbish one of Playtech’s most successful table games ever. Soon after their agreement, we got to meet Cashback Blackjack Live. So, how to play this game?

Basic Rules

The gameplay here is smooth. The rounds commence with bets. Punters at the virtual table pick their bets according to the table limit. Once they finish with this step, it’s time to draw the cards.

The dealer draws two cards for each player and one for himself. Before the final reveal of the dealer’s other card (or cards), players pick between five possible actions.

The regular options include Hit, Stand, and Double. If they received a pair, they might choose Split as well. However, here is where the top feature of this table comes through. Each player, in every action round, can pick Cashback as an option too. But here are a few useful details that you should remember before you start playing.

Namely, the Cashback option is valid only for the main bet. The cashback amount is determined according to the cards that are presently on the table. That means that, in all rounds, the cashback amount probably won’t be the same. This feature is a great way to boost the creativity of the players by generating unique situations that bring more fun.

Furthermore, if you Split, the Cashback option will be available for both hands. Sadly, should you decide to Double, you won’t have that privilege.

The round ends with the last dealer’s card. Go higher than the host, or hit 21 (but not over), and you’ll win. As this is a standard variant, the dealer must draw until 16 and always stands on soft 17.

Now, let’s see what types of side bets you have on offer here.

Side Bets

Cashback Blackjack has six different side bets. Here are the details for each side bet.

  • 21+3: This side bet takes into account three initial cards – two from the player and one face-up from the dealer. If these cards form a Poker hand, the bettor wins. Typically, this side bet pays 9 to 1.
  • Buster Blackjack: If you are interested in betting on the dealer, try the Buster additional bet. With this bet, you wager on the odds of the dealer busting. Finally, the more cards he has on his hands, the higher amount of cash for you.
  • Dealer Pair: The Dealer Pair bet is easy to understand. Essentially, players wager that the dealer will get a pair in the first two cards. They can form a coloured, perfect, or a red/black pair.
  • Lucky Lucky: Again, the three initial cards need to form either a sequence or be of the same value. There are different payouts for various combinations. For instance, payouts for suited sequences are higher than for unsuited ones, etc.
  • Player Pair: This is precisely the same side bet as Dealer Pair, except the cards that you wager on belong to the player.
  • Top 3: Top 3 resembles 21+3 because it puts a focus on the three initial cards in the round. However, the difference is that the three cards here do not have to form a poker hand, but a high hand. For instance, if the total is 19, 20, or 21, you win your wager.

Top Strategies to Win at Cashback Blackjack Live

Now that you know the ins and outs of the game, it’s time to practice strategies. Here are our top 4 tips and techniques for winning in Playtech’s new live dealer game.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy is not called ‘basic’ for no reason. Our dear readers and players inform us that using it in live games almost always turns out to be a wise decision. In the end, it’s up to you – but when you are faced with a new concept, stick to the proven theories. That way, the risk is lower.

Avoid Insurance

Insurance is bad, always. We never recommend using it, so if you can, steer clear from this option.

Don’t Count on Card Counting

Card counting is not illegal, but casinos typically frown upon such activity. However, that still doesn’t prevent you from using it, right? Well, technically yes – but live dealer tables are hard to crack with card counting skills. Indeed, most skilled players will tell you that trying to count cards at live Blackjack tables is impossible.


Easy – the operators and providers made sure to polish every single detail of the game  to prevent counters. Cashback Blackjack is an eight-deck game, which means card counting chances are slim. So, if you are a fan of the method, try it out and see whether it works or not.

Be Careful with Cashback

Cashback is an innovative concept that significantly changes the way you play the game. It can affect the gameplay, atmosphere, payouts – everything. Hence, it is essential to be careful with using it. We like the fact that, despite quitting the round by cashing out, your side bets remain intact. That is great, especially considering this is real-time, live gaming. Practice in the RNG version before switching to the live version so that you can get used to the option. After all, you will learn to wield this feature in the best way possible.

Where to Play

This is an exclusive live dealer table that Playtech developed in unison with Stoiximan/Betano. Hence, the game is only available at the (virtual) premises of the Greek casino operator.

The Team’s First Impression

We have been in the industry for years, and it is generally hard to surprise us these days. However, Playtech is always there to reassure us with its innovative games.

Cashback in Blackjack is not a revolutionary concept today – thanks to Playtech – but it’s certainly refreshing. Throw in the fact that it’s in real-time, and you got yourself a trailblazer!

Get ready for a whole new dimension of live Blackjack games, because Playtech undoubtedly has more Aces up its sleeve. No pun intended.


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