How to Play Mega Ball, Evolution’s First Live Bingo Game Show

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Mega Ball is Evolution’s first-ever bingo-style live game show. The provider first introduced the game at ICE 2020 in February. As soon as we heard about the game, we went crazy – who could wait for such an innovative game for months? Thankfully, we persisted and finally welcomed Mega Ball in April.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mega Ball in person, join us for a spin around the game. We have exciting details about the game, including a thorough rundown of most essential strategies for Mega Ball. If you want to learn how to play Mega Ball, stay tuned!

How to Play Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a live game show that draws heavily on the game of Bingo.

The only difference between this game and the one you used to watch on Sunday nights with your family is the live casino thrill. With this title, Evolution  achieved to bring the classic family game closer to us. The author also managed to spruce it up a bit by giving it a nice golden glow that carries a familiar Evolution stamp.

Inside the game, your main objective is to place your wager, buy cards, and wait until the drawn balls complete a line of yours. That’s it. You get to pick between 1 and 200 cards for each round.

The entire point with this game is that you do not play against other players. Instead, you play alone – your cards and number combinations are only yours. So, if you win, you win. On each card, there are 25 numbers (24 + wild number) that you can reshuffle when you place the bet. You cannot choose the numbers manually, and the only available option is a random shuffle with RNG.

In short, once you select the number of cards that you wish to use, you choose your bet amount, shuffle the cards, and hit Play.

You then watch as the balls come out of the drum, hoping for a line win. Here is the catch – each number immediately appears on all your cards. Once you complete a line, it turns golden. After 20 balls, the host/dealer announces the Multiplier Ball. The Multiplier is randomly chosen, and then the ball comes out.

If you need this number to complete a line, you will get the payout + the multiplier. And that, our dear players, is all about Mega Ball gameplay.


Given that there is no actual interaction between the player and the game, many of us have wondered would strategies be useful.

To be honest, we thought about it and realized that the game allows little room for experimentation. You cannot influence the house edge in any way because you cannot choose each number individually. That way, the developer secured fair play, so winning strategies serve no purpose. Nevertheless, there is always something that you can do, at least betting-wise.

  • Buy More Cards: In Mega Ball, the only sound advice that we could give you is to play with more cards. For instance, playing with just one card is not that rewarding. If, on the other hand, you are to buy ten or more cards, you could hope for a better result. More cards return your stake easily because there are higher chances for a line win. Each card presents 12 ways to win, as there are 12 possible lines. With ten cards, you have 120 possible lines, so the math is very simple.
  • Pay attention to your bets: Don’t bet the money that you are afraid to lose. The theoretical RTP rate is 95.05%, which is lower than in most video slots. Therefore, you should keep it simple with bets that are less than 10% of your balance. Plus, it’s good to lower the bet if you use more cards. For instance, it is more than okay to bet €1 for one or ten cards, but with 25 cards or more, it’s better if the bet is €0.10.

Mega Ball Special Potential

The live show was a sensation in casinos around the world. The developer created a heated atmosphere right before its release, so everyone was excited to meet Mega Ball.

And online casinos knew that, so they orchestrated numerous exclusive promotions to celebrate its release. The nature of the game also allows the gaming sites to launch more campaigns later. It’s trendy and entertaining – a real live show – so that is not the end of Mega Ball specials in the foreseeable future.

Where to Find Mega Ball

If you are wondering where to look for this exclusive live show, wonder no more!

Evolution works with a string of prestigious gaming sites, and they all offer this game. Below you will find the best casinos where you can play Mega Ball for real money. It’s a live game, so there is no possibility to try it out for fun. If a venue catches your eye, dive into the casino review where we listed all necessary info about the site.

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▶️ Play Mega Ball at Energy Casino!

Our Experience with the Game

When we first met Mega Ball, we were amazed by the elegance and simplicity of the game.

It’s hard to imagine that a game with such easy gameplay could provide so much entertainment. But Mega Ball certainly does. Our favourite thing about the game is the Multiplier Ball feature that gives the game a fun twist. This is not a regular lottery game – it’s Mega Ball, a game that comes from a distinguished provider. Hence, there was no way that Evolution would create something mediocre and uninteresting.

On the other hand, we like interaction.

Therefore, live games that offer a bit more interaction than slots are always welcome. In this game, we noticed that although the host is there and you can watch the action from your screen, your activity ends there. You cannot influence the drum nor the balls, of course, but you cannot pick any specific number. Nevertheless, we did manage to have a good time. It’s visually pleasing, it has great potential, and it’s a refreshment in live casinos – so we loved it.

It’s volatile, though. We had to play dozens of rounds where we often changed the bets and the cards. The results were a couple of completed lines which we appreciated, but for an average medium roller, the game might be too much.

But if you have high rolling tendencies and like risk – Evolution Mega Ball will be perfect for you.


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