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First Look at NetEnt’s New Blackjack Crystal

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If you know a little about live casino, you must have heard that NetEnt has opened a new physical studio. The new studio has two new rooms that are hosting several innovative live dealer games. Each room has tailored tables that cater to players with different preferences. For example, the Silver Room hosts tables with medium table limits, while the Golden Room is reserved for players with more exotic tastes.

Speaking of the Silver Room, this part of NetEnt’s physical studio recently got updated. The provider expanded its live offer with a couple of new additions. And one of them is Blackjack Crystal. We will show you the game details is just a moment. You will get introduced to Blackjack Crystal properly and see where to play the game in live casinos. Everything you need and want to know about Blackjack Crystal is right here.

Brief Game Overview

Blackjack Crystal is, as the previous Quartz addition, a standard Blackjack variant. The action plays out in real-time, so you get to play premium Blackjack with NetEnt’s friendly hosts. There are six decks of cards, and up to seven players can take a seat in one round. The theoretical RTP rate for this table is 99.5%.

The Table Info tab within the game provides all the necessary information about the game. In case you wish to check your stats, bets, or go through table limits, you can do it by opening the said tab.

How to Play Blackjack Crystal

And now, the fun part! Here you can see all the rules and tricks that you can use to play Blackjack Crystal for real money. Remember, this is a live dealer table, so playing it for fun is not possible. Nevertheless, we will introduce you to this game and its rules so that you could become an expert easily. So, here it goes.

This is a standard Blackjack table, meaning that all typical rules apply here as well. You do not need elaborate strategies to play, but you do need a firm grasp on the basic rules. Of course, some basic strategy cannot hurt as well! So, let’s go over basic Blackjack Crystal rules.

Basic Rules

In the game, the dealer deals two cards to the player and one card to himself. All three cards are face-up, while the fourth card that goes to the dealer is face down. Before the dealer reveals the fourth card value, you choose what you want to do with your cards. Three options exist – Hit, Stand, and Double. With Hit, the dealer deals another card to you. Stand means you are satisfied with the total sum of your previous cards, and you do not wish to risk going over 21. With Double, the dealer will add an extra card to your pile and double your active bet.

After all players decide what they want to do, the croupier reveals its hidden card and pays out winnings to each player. Essentially, the main point is to get as close to 21 as possible (or hit 21) without going over. Furthermore, you need to have a better outcome than the dealer. That is why strategies exist – sometimes you need to be smart to protect your round from losing or busting.

Two other options can appear in some instances. For instance, sometimes the dealer will offer you a chance to Split – which means you can divide your pair of cards into two separate hands. This is only possible when you get a pair. However, if the dealer gets an Ace as the first card, you might get a chance to take Insurance which pays 2:1.

Side Bets

This live casino game comes with several side bets. Here are the side bets that you can use in Blackjack Crystal. It’s useful to note that odds and payouts for both side bets depend on the Pay table.

  • 21+3: In this side bet, you get a chance to bet on the poker hand. The three cards that go to the player and the dealer sometimes form a poker hand. If this happens, you can cash in on that 21+3 side bet. The possible combinations for 21+3 are straight flush, three of a kind, straight or flush. As we said, each side bet has its own RTP. For 21+3 it’s 93.71.
  • Perfect Pair: We mentioned above the possibility of splitting cards in case you receive pairs. Well, you can also bet on this possibility. A Perfect Pair side bet is a bet on the odds of getting a pair of identical cards. In some cases, the cards might be of the same value, but a different suit. A Perfect Pair side bet that pays 30:1. For the matching colour, the payout is 10:1. The theoretical RTP for Perfect Pair side bet is 94.21%.

Top Blackjack Crystal Strategies

This is a standard Blackjack variant, which means you don’t need complex techniques to beat the game (and the dealer). All you need is a bit of luck, some good charts, and experience.

However, the great thing about this game, in general, is that players have devised great tips for aspiring professionals. If you want to master Blackjack, you definitely need to check out great strategies for Blackjack. But start from the basic strategies first! When you master the first phase, it’s time to hone your skills further, and you can do that by following these tips.

  • Say No to Insurance: Everyone, and we mean everyone who plays Blackjack will tell you that Insurance is terrible. It’s so bad that no one who takes this game seriously accepts Insurance. If you want to play the game in the best way possible, steer clear of Insurance bets. In the long run, it’s basically useless.
  • Practice and More Practice: You cannot get good at doing something without training. To achieve the best possible results in Blackjack Crystal, you should practice playing Blackjack in online casinos. Regular casino tables are a great option because you can play for fun there too.
  • Consult the Charts: Charts are a great way to build skill in playing Blackjack. You can find them anywhere on the internet and use them to your advantage before you step into the game.
  • Don’t Split 5s and 10s: Do not split pairs of 5s and 10s because it’s not smart. The odds are higher if you keep a hard 10 or 20 hand. Not to mention that a hard 20 is a win situation in the majority of cases.
  • Split 8s and Aces: With pairs of 8s and Aces, we recommend splitting. Aces are powerful but imagine two powerful hands instead of one. You have better chances of winning if you separate the pairs.

Where to Find Blackjack Crystal

In case you are wondering about the sites where you can play Blackjack Crystal, don’t worry. We located the game for you, so just look below and pick a casino. You won’t regret it!

Find Blackjack Crystal at William Hill Casino!

Play Blackjack Crystal at Energy Casino!

Our Experience with the Game

It was easy to love Blackjack Crystal. The game is not innovative by any means, but it does offer something that many games lack – simplicity. Sometimes, it gets tough to find games that exude that classic Blackjack appeal. Moreover, we easily forget what makes a game a good game. With this title, NetEnt reminded us that the best entertainment is when you keep it simple.

And bravo to NetEnt! Its portfolio expansion brought interesting games into focus, and we are happy to have found Blackjack Crystal. If you like traditional games and avoid complicating the already perfect variants, try out this one. You will fall in love with it, just like we did.

“A game that beautifully captures the essence of premium-class Blackjack in live casinos.”   – BestCasinos Team


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