Free Roulette Practice Strategy and Tips

How to Practice Roulette and Become a Pro

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Online roulette is a highly appealing form of entertainment to casino players. It’s fun, it’s accessible, but most of all, it’s invincible. Or at least it was until we discovered online roulette practice.

Free roulette practice lets players play online roulette games for free and build skills. Grabbing a seat at some of the most luxurious tables has never been easier – a few clicks, and you are there! If you don’t believe roulette practice can help you, BestCasinos is here to show you otherwise. Stick around and learn the benefits of playing roulette for free and top free roulette games.

Why Free Roulette Practice Is Important to Players

A game of luck more than a game of skill, roulette has been charming punters worldwide for centuries. And it won’t cease doing so, it seems. Its elusive nature is intoxicating precisely because you can never subdue or bend the game to your will. Rather, it guides you and makes you conform to the little wheel – and the will of the wheel is constantly shifting.

However, the emergence of internet gambling and online casino games has shifted the industry. The veil of mystery has been taken off roulette’s wheel. Today, it’s easier to learn the rules and beat the game, all thanks to free roulette games.

How do free roulette games work?

They work like any other table with a little wheel. The only difference is that you don’t wager real money, which makes it perfect for practice. And if you want to increase skills and performance, free roulette practice is exactly what you need!

Like all casino games, free roulette games let you enjoy the game, learn the tricks and tips, and try out strategies you would otherwise test using real money only. And for a novice, risking real money is a dangerous undertaking – one capable of tarnishing the entire experience and swearing you off roulette forever. And that would be a pity.

Instead, you can give practice roulette a go by playing for free and completely avoid losing precious funds. Moreover, you’ll definitely become a better player because of it.

To sum up, the benefits of online roulette practice are:

  1. Saving money which you are not prepared to lose
  2. Building skills and becoming better at playing the game

The list includes several other advantages, all of which you will see shortly.

Best Free Roulette Games for Building Proficiency

Free roulette practice is a broad concept that requires extensive knowledge to navigate. First, you cannot explore practice roulette online for free if you don’t know what to play, right? BestCasinos can help with that.

We’ve devised a list of the top 5 online roulette games you can play freely and use as practice material before investing real cash. Each table is tested and rated by our team of experts. Moreover, they are fit for novices and veterans alike. Your skills are sure to receive a boost if you try out one of the following tables.

Here are our top 5 free roulette games:

  1. Roulette Low Limit (NetEnt)
  2. European Roulette Gold (Microgaming)
  3. French Roulette (Playtech)
  4. American Roulette (Realtime Gaming)
  5. Multiplayer Roulette (Realtime Gaming)

Our list is diverse, containing a wide scope of variants present on the online gambling scene  available for practice roulette online. The most popular variant is the European Roulette variant, but players also enjoy the multiplayer function. If you already know which variant suits you the most, don’t hesitate to give it a try by trying out its representative on our list!

Online Roulette Practice Tips

We’ve explained the importance of online roulette practice and given you the top 5 games you can use as a starting point. But is having the tables and knowing the benefits enough? Or is there something else you might need to maximise your skill-building? There is, in fact.

BestCasinos has compiled top tips for free practice in online roulette. 

  • Play with the highest RTP.
  • Stay away from shady casinos.
  • Experiment with bets before using real money.
  • Set betting limits.

Let’s get a closer look at each piece of advice our team has listed above.

Play with the highest RTP.

RTP (Return to Player) is an important indication of the money you can expect to win at a table. And it’s important even in practice mode! Pick a table with a good RTP rate to ensure higher and fairer wins. Then, practise roulette for free by trying out different bet options and wagers.

Stay away from shady casinos.

Free play is available at most casinos online, but not all venues offering demo games are safe. What is more, only a handful of sites offers fair playing conditions! A good thing about free play is that it helps you see what kind of venue you are playing. Responsible gaming and transparency are important even if you are playing with imaginary money! If you spot shady business, it’s time to move to other, more reliable casinos.

Experiment with bets before using real money.

Freeplay gives you the ability to experiment with every aspect of the game. Don’t be afraid to try practice roulette and explore your options! And you have countless options – from trying out various side bets to testing the betting limits. If you want to see the table’s real nature, you need to put to trial everything you see at the table.

Set betting limits.

A big part of the whole practice experience is learning to handle the game. Your goal is to increase skills but also familiarise yourself with the game. Once you get to know it well in demo mode, it’s time to prepare for the real deal. And the best way to achieve that is by setting up wagering limits. These limits will protect you from losing money, but they can also help you always retain control over the game.

Top Free Roulette Casinos

One of the questions we often get from our players is, “Is free roulette rigged?”. The answer is quite simple and easy – no. Free roulette games are not rigged because they must go through various fairness and probability tests before reaching you. Moreover, both providers and casinos go through checks and inspections by gambling authorities to prove their fairness!

Some of the fairest and best online casinos with free roulette practice are found in our database. However, the following venues represent the peak of security and trustworthiness in demo gaming and practice. If you want, you can play practice roulette game at any of the listed venues below.

▶️ Try Roulette Practice for Free at Revolution

Revolution Casino is one of the industry’s youngest and yet best gambling sites because it values privacy, quality, and fairness. Famous because of its immense game collection, Revolution is a favourite gamers’ spot worldwide. And we are more than delighted by the offer of free roulette found in its lobby. Feel free to taste practice roulette games at Revolution Casino whenever you want.

▶️ Play Practice Roulette Games at is the first licensed crypto casino in the world. Do you know what that means? It’s super-safe, dedicated to its players, and you can use crypto payments to transfer money! Its gaming library contains thousands of games, and many of them belong to the table category. Free roulette practice is waiting for you at

▶️ Spin Practice Roulette Games Online at is a green-loving site with a delicious gaming collection. It has a massive portfolio of various tables, and you can try each in demo mode. Moreover, you get to enjoy a plethora of casino promotions and bonuses! However, before you claim all those delicious deals, try and practice roulette online first. It’s the safest way to ensure your safety at the real-money tables.


You know what they say, practice makes perfect. And practice roulette game helps with becoming a perfect player!

In this article, we’ve covered a few important aspects of roulette practice. First, we have explained why it is important – and we gave a couple of examples even. Our team included top free roulette games as well – along with top casinos where you can practice free roulette. We hope you liked what you’ve seen here. If you want to share your thoughts with us, don’t hesitate to reach out via the comment section!


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