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Drawing the Perfect Numbers in Microgaming’s New Keno Draw

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Keno Draw is the new Microgaming Keno variant that you are going to love. If you are not familiar with Keno – or just want to brush up on the knowledge – sit tight. We will lead you through the most important parts of the new game.

We offer you a detailed guide where we teach you how to play Keno Draw. From the first bet to the moment you win, we covered everything. If that is not enough, we thought of some useful Keno Draw strategies that you can employ during rounds.

Stick with us until the end to see how we liked the new Keno title. Without further ado, let’s see what this Keno Draw is all about!

What is Keno Draw?

Keno Draw is the new sizzling game that comes straight from Probability Jones. In case you are unfamiliar with the author, it’s one of Microgaming’s top independent game studios. This is an exclusive game title, so it is only available in Microgaming online casinos.

Probability Jones added it to its growing portfolio in March 2020. Since then, it has been delighting players with its medium-low volatility and exciting gameplay that you will surely love. Unlike standard Keno games, this one allows you to pick up to 10 numbers from an 80-number board.

During the draw, you need to match as many numbers as possible to get a big prize. The maximum amount that you can win is 10,000x the stake if you succeed in hitting all 10 numbers. Keno Draw’s RTP may fluctuate, so the average rate is 88.80%.

How to Play Keno Draw

Keno Draw How to Play

Okay, so now we know what this Keno game is. But the question is, how to play Keno Draw? That, our dear players, is an even easier part of this adventure.

For a good round of Keno Draw, all you need is patience, and a desire to have fun. Easy, right? Splendid!

The round starts with placing bets. Choose your wager, and you can move on to picking numbers. Bear in mind that the maximum number of digits that you can pick is 10. The bottom of the screen contains info about your balance, stake value, and win amount (if you win). In each round, you will notice three additional options for play. There is the Quick Play which allows you one speedy round, and 5 Games/10 Games, which initiate 5 and 10 automatic rounds, respectively.

As soon as you pick the numbers and set the bet, you can click Play. The game will automatically draw 20 numbers that will be instantly visible on the table.

For better navigation, you will also see the numbers that matched with yours below the table. What you see is what you get, literally – the Paytable on the right side of the table displays payouts for each combo.

Key Add-Ons to Use

Now, this game would not be as exciting if it weren’t for some boosters. Probability Jones and Microgaming made sure to increase the stakes of the game using special features. Here are the two main add-ons that you can use to your advantage.

  • Three Pay Tables: the Paytable on the right side of the board shows you the payouts for each sequence. For instance, if you hit 3 numbers, you will win back what you wagered. On the other hand, a 10-number sequence will pay out 10,000x the stake. But here is the trick: there are three different Paytables. And each comes with different volatility level! The lowest volatility mode has a maximum payout potential of 2,000x the stake, while the middle boasts 5,000x.
  • Trending Numbers: Another benefit that players get in the new release is the Trending Numbers feature. This feature helps you pick numbers if you lack an idea for a solid combo. The numbers that are trending are in fact ‘hot’, which means there is a great chance they would land in the round. This is not a Random Pick add-on, though – that one is right next to this feature. The Random Pick feature contains 10 random combos that you can use in any round.

Pro Tips for Playing Keno Draw

Keno is an easy game that requires little to no strategizing. Nevertheless, going in prepared can save you a lot of money and time.

If you want to make sure you play Keno and achieve optimal results, have a look at our exceptional tips and tricks. 

  • Keep the balance in check: Before you start playing Keno Draw, make sure you know precisely how much you can spare. You won’t always win, so it is important to keep an eye on the bankroll.
  • Be careful where you play: The average RTP for this game is 88.80%, but it can vary from 86.4% to 93.8%. The rate depends on the casino that houses the game. So, it might be useful to check the rate before you start the rounds.
  • Don’t go all-in: You have 10 possible picks, and the payouts are really great. However, we do not recommend betting on all ten numbers. For instance, if you choose to play with 5 figures and hit 4, the payout will be massive than a 10-number match of four digits.

Where to Play It

We almost reached the end of this exciting road. The only thing that we are left to discover is where to play Keno Draw! That, our beloved readers, will not be an issue – your options are nearly limitless.

Play Keno at Mr Green Casino!

Microgaming and Probability Jones have permits to operate and distribute the game to all casinos on the Maltese and the UK territory. That means that any casino that works with Microgaming with Malta and UKGC license can offer it!

Play Keno at 1xBet Casino!

If you are not willing to risk real money in Keno Draw, you can also try it out for free. This is an RNG game, which means it is possible to play it in free mode, unlike live dealer games. Try it out or go straight to real money casinos – the choice is yours. Have fun!

Play Keno at 32Red Casino!

What We Think About Microgaming’s New Keno Title

We are used to entertaining games from Microgaming, but Keno Draw is next level. Although this game type is not that sought-after in casinos worldwide, it does have a considerable fanbase that’s loyal to the game.

Up-and-coming providers rarely focus on these games because the money and fame await with slots (obviously). However, giant brands that have nothing to prove to the industry are continuing to deliver such amazing titles.

The best example is Microgaming and this new Keno Draw release. Microgaming is an industry leader, and it has the luxury of experimenting with various titles whose only goal is to provide entertainment.

And let’s be honest: Keno Draw does that and more.

It’s not highly volatile, so there is no excessive risks and cash losses. Instead, you only gain a lot of fun, entertainment, and precious playtime in Microgaming’s new Keno release.

And we are here for that.


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