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Tips to Help You Maximise Your Slot Winnings

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Maximising your chances when playing slots is key to longevity when it comes to winning.

While all slot machines are games of chance and winning ultimately is luck of the draw per say, there are some tips that can be used to help increase your chances of hitting big.

As you read this article, you will find some excellent tips that have been proven to help increase wins.

While nothing is guaranteed, experience has shown us that by executing these tips, the amount you win over the long-term will increase. Our hope is that you will experience the same thrills we do when playing slots and using these tips.


Use No Deposit Bonuses

For newcomers to online casinos, No deposit bonuses can be a great introduction into what lies ahead and what type of games, or more importantly, the quality of games that online casinos provide. Most who are just beginning to investigate online casinos often are unsure of how a casino online works. By playing with a no deposit bonus, it gives you the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the games, and their generous payouts, casino support, banking and other areas that make up an online casino, such as their promotions.

Most no deposit bonuses, which is one that does not require you to make a deposit, is valued at $10-$25. A bonus of this nature will require that you gamble the amount received 10-30 times, but that should be expected as the casino is, after all, giving you free money to play with. If you win, the money is all yours, so do not pass up on this type of bonus as it has great value.

Play the casino, not the slot!

When visiting an online casino for the first time, it is easy to get caught up in the size of bonus being offered.  However, big bonuses usually mean unrealistic wagering on those bonuses, and for newcomers, it can ruin what should be a positive experience.

When considering a bonus, play the casino and not the slot. What we mean by that is play the bonus and only play with those casinos that offer reasonable terms and conditions on the bonuses they are offering to new players. This should be 10-20 times the amount deposited and the bonus awarded, those that expect higher than this should be avoided, or at a minimum, deposit a smaller amount so as not to lock up your bankroll under high wagering conditions.

Understand slot payout percentages

One of the mistakes most slot players make is not understanding the payout percentage a particular slot offers. This is often referred to as the “return to player” or RTP. With online slots, most pay far better than those you will play in a land-based casino, however not all are equal, and presuming this is where many go wrong.

There are three types of slots:

  • Low variance
  • Medium variance
  • High variance

Each of those games has its own average RTP. Low variance slots tend to offer a greater number of winning spins, but the amounts won are lower. Mid-variance slots offer a decent number of wins and will spread those wins across both lower, medium and higher amounts. Finally, high variance slots tend to pay less often, but when they do, the amounts tend to be larger.

Two links that follow will take you to best RTP slots we handpicked for your consideration, from two of world’s biggest slot developers:

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Most casinos will not advertise exact payout percentages for each slot and will instead offer a generalised percentage that slots payout across the casino. If you are considering playing a slot, do some research to learn the type of variance that slot falls under and this will help you to win more often based on your ability to apply a strategy to the slots you chose to play.

Set limits and stick to them!

One important thing that all players should do is set a limit on what you are willing to risk, and more importantly, do not defer from it.

It is not at all difficult to get caught up in the moment thinking the big one is just around the corner, but that is not a safe bet to make as often, you will come up disappointed. Gambling should be something that is fun, not one that creates havoc with your finances. Most casinos will allow you to set daily, weekly and monthly limits, so take advantage of that option, set your limits and stick to them – period!

Find out which casinos are the best for payouts

As with slots, not all being equal, the same applies to online casinos.

The sheer number of casinos operating online today is mind-boggling and understanding which are safe, and payout more than others is no easy task. Take time to read casino reviews on sites like ours; you will quickly have access to a wealth of insightful information that you can use to find the best casinos, not only for payouts but also for promotions and how the casino treats its players.

Play Progressive slots with random jackpots

The days when progressive jackpots required you to wager a set amount per spin are almost gone.

In their replacement, you will find progressive slots that all you an equal opportunity at winning million dollar plus jackpots for a minimum bet. Also, today’s progressive video slots tend to offer a larger number of slot features such as free spins, scatters and will award the chance of winning the progressive randomly, so each spin can return a huge payday. Playing these slots is just smart slotting, so take advantage of the opportunities they offer and choosing the best progressive slot game for you is not that hard after all.

Play slot machines that offer free spins

Slot bonus features are a big part of playing slots as they often are the ones responsible for delivering the biggest wins. Playing slots that offer free spins is a wise choice as free spins are exactly that – free. They also often will be accompanied by a multiplier that will double or triple any amounts you win while playing under free spins.

Remember, free spins are free, and winning them means you are playing without having to use money from your bankroll – and that is just good slotting sense.

Playing max bet is not a wise strategy

There are many who will swear that the best slot strategy is to play max bet only. The reality is that playing max bet does not mean you are going to win more, but it does mean you will deplete your bankroll at a faster rate. If you expect to hit big when playing slots, max bet can certainly help you in that expectation, but as all slots operate using a random number generator, your odds of hitting big are no different playing max bet than when playing within your budget.

Never wager more than you can afford, if that is minimum bet, then that is fine as many players have won huge amounts doing just that. In fact, the largest progressive jackpot recorded online, 17.8 million euros, was won by a player wagering only 0.25 euro.

Read the paytables!

Paytables are important as they outline all that can be won for each combination of symbols and will furthermore explain all bonus features that particular slot offers. Reading paytables can tell you a number of things; first it will give you an indication as to the slot variance, second, it will show you the amounts you can win, and three, it tells you how to win the various bonus features.

If a paytable has a large number of symbols, it often is a low variance slot, those with fewer symbols often are higher variance slots. If you want to have an advantage over the casino, read the paytables, understand each game you play and only play those that fit your playing style and budget.

Play slots for free before playing for real money

Online casinos are required under their licensing agreements that they must allow people to play with “fun money”. It is also required that the payouts be identical whether playing for real money or fun money and for slot players, this is priceless to know.

It allows you to play a slot for free and testing its payout percentages before you invest your money and play to win which is the best tip we can give you as far as the slot games are concerned. If a slot you are considering seems not to be favourable to your style of play, you can simply move on until you find a list of slots you know, through testing, are compatible with your expectations.


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