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You Will Have a Blast with Pragmatic Play’s New Bingo Release

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Pragmatic Play is the Midas of modern digital gambling – everything that this company touches turns into gold. Its expertise extends beyond slot machines and live dealer tables, and you are about to see just how.

In May, Pragmatic Play made a blast – literally – in the Bingo department. Bingo Blast is the first mobile-friendly Bingo variant that is sure to come as a refreshment to all fans of lottery games. It’s faster than any other variant that we tried – but that is just the beginning of the beauty that is Bingo Blast. Our team devoted time and effort to get to know Bingo Blast for you. Here is what we came up with.

Brief Game Overview

Bingo Blast is a regular Bingo game with modern twists. Pragmatic Play boosted it with a couple of extra features that you will undoubtedly love. The catchy design, visuals, and updated gameplay make this game quite memorable.

This exclusive title is surely going to change the way you perceive lottery games. The modern rendition takes the classic game to a new level – it is Pragmatic Play’s mobile-first title after all. Highly engaging visuals are captivating for the audience, but the looks are not everything – it has power too. At its core, Bingo Blast uses 90 balls for each round.

Bingo Blast’s best feature is the high speed. On average, this game is three to four times faster than any other variant in the industry. That makes it a perfect choice for all mobile gamers that like to take their lottery outside.

How to Play Bingo Blast

Bingo Blast won’t be a challenge to master. If you are fluent in lottery games or possess even the smallest inkling how to play Bingo, this will be a breeze.

Admittedly, Pragmatic Play added a few proprietary game elements that add flair to the whole experience. But we are certain that won’t affect your playtime in the slightest.

Now, let’s see the basics. Bingo Blast is, as we explained above, a lottery game for mobile gamers. So, all you need is your mobile device, and you are good to go.

As soon as you fire up the game screen, you’ll see an eye-pleasing purple background with a small ball floating around. Before each round, you need to purchase cards. The card purchases are just like with any other Bingo game. You can buy the cards from the easy-to-use purchase panel.

As soon as you fire up the game screen, you’ll see an eye-pleasing purple background with all ball floating around. During the first blast, you will notice that all balls are on the screen. However, the balls that are on your cards will be highlighted. The next blast will come swiftly, and you will buzz through to the final round. In this final stage, the balls will fall to the screen rapidly, which will determine the winner. It is useful to note that the game will automatically cross off the balls on the cards between rounds. However, you can still check them manually anytime you want.

Where to Play Bingo Blast

So, where to find this fantastic Bingo Blast title? We wondered about that too! Thanks to Pragmatic Play’s resourcefulness, all its games are available in major online casinos. Pragmatic Play works with top-tier casinos in all parts of the world, so just check whether the venue supports lottery games.

However, Bingo Blast is an exclusive title. And when we say exclusive, we really mean – exclusive with a capital E. Hence, you may find this game only with Pragmatic Play.

Play Bingo Blast at Pragmatic Play!

This type of restricted play is not common in the industry, but well – if we had a title like this, we would keep it for ourselves too. No one can blame Pragmatic Play for taking care of the good stuff!

So, to sum it up – if you decide to play Bingo Blast, your only option is Pragmatic Play. The title is available only at the official site.

Our Experience with Bingo Blast

The first thing that springs to mind at the mention of Bingo Blast is this – we had a blast! Frankly, we have waited a long time for a game of this calibre. Thankfully, Pragmatic Play listens to its audience.

A brand-new version of Bingo is precisely what we needed. It is a regular lottery casino game that intends to connect classic Bingo with advanced digital gaming. And we stan that.

The only issue our players might have with this title is the accessibility. You cannot find the game everywhere, so this limited access might prevent some players from enjoying the awesomeness of Bingo Blast.

However, those who overcome the accessibility obstacle will get a chance to try out the best Bingo game in 2020. The focus on mobile gaming is also appreciated.

If Bingo is your cup of tea, you will love the Pragmatic Play blend that’s Bingo Blast.


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