Bradley Johnson All41 Studios WWE Legends Slot Interview

All41 Studios’ Bradley Johnson Introduces the Larger-Than-Life WWE Link&Win™ Branded Slot

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In one of our previous interviews, BestCasinos had the honour of talking to Julia Saburova, the Head of All41 Studios. She introduced us (and our readers) to this powerful, creative, and dedicated studio, available exclusively via the Microgaming platform.

We are back at All41 Studios, only this time we are chatting with Bradley Johnson, the Head of Game Design. He is here to introduce the highly anticipated WWE Legends: Link&Win™ slot that’s now live. Enjoy!

  • Hello, and welcome to We have to admit, we are very excited to talk to you, especially as the release date for WWE Legends: Link&Win™ is approaching. What are your thoughts about the game? You must be very excited about the release.

Thanks for having me, and a big hello to the visitors! I am excited to do this interview on behalf of All41 Studios.

As a gambler and a fan of WWE, working on bringing these two elements together was very exciting and enjoyable for myself and our whole team.   At the end of the project, the brand loves the game, and it brings a smile to our face to hear this.  We hope everyone enjoys playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it.

WWE Legends Link&Win Slot Game

  • Let’s introduce the slot to our readers properly. How would you describe the game to slot fans at Microgaming casinos eagerly awaiting the launch?

This game is a larger-than-life take on the Link&Win™ slot mechanic using the WWE brand while incorporating HyperSpins™ which gives players a second chance to spin the reels for possibly more wins.  We have commentators calling the action of the slot, we have the crowd cheering for you in the arena, and most importantly it is packaged with some of your favourite WWE Legends, emphasizing from the long line of WWE Legends, emphasizing all the exciting wins that can occur and players can enjoy.

  • Where did the inspiration for the slot come from?

This is a great question, as I often get asked this by a lot of players when speaking with them about any slot.  For this particular title, after we agreed to the rights deal with WWE, there was collaboration between the studio and WWE on deciding where to go with the slot and how to make it the best it can be.  WWE is a pleasure to work with and they know exactly what image they want to portray with everything that has their branding.  This made it easy to decide on going with WWE Legends for this game, and from here the inspiration is simply the larger-than-life WWE brand.  Players can enjoy iconic moments from some of the most memorable names in WWE history.

  • WWE Legends boasts a dazzling collection of in-game boosters. How did the Link&Win™ feature fit in with the rest of the features in the game?

WWE Legends Slot Gameplay

For WWE, we wanted to combine the iconic brand with a unique twist on a popular game mechanic.

After brainstorming ideas, we chose to take Link&Win™ and make it larger than life by adding coins that boost the wins in a variety of ways.  We wanted to create our own twist on the player-favourite Link&Win™ feature, so when a green coin lands it will collect all the values from the coins on-screen, when a blue coin lands it will add one to the overall feature multiplier which is applied to the win at the end of the feature, and when a red coin lands it adds its value to all the other coins on-screen.  These boosters help create a unique twist on Link&Win™ which differentiates it from other variations.

  • As if Link&Win™ weren’t enough, you incorporated HyperSpins™ as well! WWE Legends is already shaping up to be a fast-paced, action-packed online slot. What do you think, which feature will be the all-around fan-favourite once the game is out?

This game incurred long discussions about the features and how players would react to each one.  In markets where allowed, Buy a Feature, Link&Win™, and HyperSpins™ are all proving to be solid fan favourites, so we wanted to ensure we delivered these while being true to the WWE brand.  In terms of what we think the players will enjoy most, it is the marriage of the features together with the brand overall.  For example, we have the crowd chanting “1, 2, 3”, for the scatter symbols as if they were counting the pin fall in a WWE match.

Now imagine, landing 2 scatters, and then pressing the respin button for the missing scatter, and hearing the “3” come through when it lands.  Tying this exciting crowd moment to triggering the free spins, enhances features like HyperSpins™ or even Buy a Feature.

  • WWE Legends is a branded slot. How would you describe the experience of creating a branded slot of this calibre and what would you say is the biggest challenge to design?

The experience of creating a branded slot like WWE Legends is always an exciting and entertaining experience and comes with its own challenges, like making sure the brand owner is happy with the product created.  With a bit of fun and humour though, we can easily overcome these challenges and maintain excitement throughout the development process.  While working on WWE, we joked internally about what our superstar names might be or even our finishing move.

I even purchased a Randy “Macho Man” Savage bobblehead and would impersonate him using this bobblehead to help provide some humour and entertainment.   This type of engagement helps ensure the product always comes first and we understand the brand throughout the entire life cycle of development.

  • Well, thank you for your time! We look forward to chatting again, and we hope it will be quite soon. In the meantime, we’ll eagerly await the WWE Legends: Link&Win™ slot. Do you perhaps have a message for our readers before we bring this interview to an end?

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read this interview! It was a pleasure answering the questions, and I hope we provided some insight into our new game WWE Legends: Link&Win™ and the overall development process inside the studio.

To the staff of, thanks for taking the time to conduct an interview, and I hope we can do more in the future.  We have tons of exciting and unique games on the way, including the likes of 11 Enchanting Relics in November and 2022 titles such as Kings of Crystals, Gold Collector: Diamond Edition, and Día del Mariachi, so keep an eye out for these great titles soon!


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