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Gaming Corps Head of Games Connor Blinman Introduces Piggy Smash: “Starting 2024 with a Flagship Title”

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We already had the pleasure of chatting with Connor, Gaming Corps Head of Games. In our previous interview, he was so kind to tell us more about the company, their goals and plans, and overall show us how it’s done in Gaming Corps.

This time, we are chatting about their newest addition called Piggy Smash. It’s a cool new slot that we are sure you are going to like. See what else Connor had to share with us!

  • Hello, and welcome to! Let’s start with some introductions – tell us a bit about yourself and your role in Gaming Corps.

Hello! My name is Connor Blinman and I am the Head of Games at Gaming Corps. My role is to oversee the product life cycles from conception to completion, working directly with key stakeholders to bring to life our fantastic games.

  • We haven’t had the pleasure of introducing your company to our readers before, so we’ll focus on that for a bit. What can you tell us about Gaming Corps and the team’s history? How do your products stand out in an industry as crowded as the casino business?

Gaming Corps has been in the iGaming industry for over four years and we have made huge progress since obtaining our MGA license in February 2020.

We currently have over 45 games on offer and have scaled up so that we can now produce a minimum of one title per month. Also, we stand out from the competition because we have a very diverse product suite. We are one of only a handful of companies that deliver casino products across different genres.

From slots and table games to Mines and Plinko products, we get noticed because we create something for everybody.

  • Now that we know a little bit about Gaming Corps and your approach to casino game design, let’s get to the main topic of today’s conversation – the upcoming Piggy Smash. Unique, innovative products such as these are best introduced by the people who made them. Can you tell us, in brief, what Piggy Smash is all about?

Piggy Smash is the latest and greatest innovative release. We wanted to start 2024 with a flagship title and we believe we have done exactly that.

The game is centred around different colored Piggy Banks, a Hammer, and numerous features and prizes, including Smash4Cash™.

With every bet the player makes, the Hammer will come smashing down onto the Piggy Bank where there is a chance that it will break open and reveal a prize or feature.

Different colored Piggy Banks have different chances to open and different chances to reveal prizes, making each Piggy very exciting to Smash4Cash™.

This quick and completely simple gameplay loop is exactly what makes this game special. It is easy to understand and can be enjoyed by everybody. There’s some nostalgic elements to the game and it’s very satisfying to break open Piggy Banks to reveal the prizes within.

piggy smash4cash gaming corps

  • Besides the unique base game, Piggy Smash also comes with a wide range of extra features and functionalities, such as Rampage and Instant-Win Prizes. Could you tell us a bit more about these? What can players expect once they start smashing those piggies?

We wanted to make sure the game is as dynamic as a complex slot, despite having a very simple gameplay loop. At any time, one of the Piggys might reveal a feature such as the Multiplier, Rampage, Instant-Win and also Multiplier Rampage.

The Multiplier feature will guarantee that the next Piggy will be smashed open instantly and become multiplied by up to x10. The Rampage feature is almost like Free Spins in a slot, the Hammer will transform and smash up to ten Piggys in a row for free.

Combine the Multiplier feature with the Rampage feature and you get the aptly named Multiplier Rampage feature, where the consecutive Piggy Banks that are smashed open will be multiplier.

Last but not least, we have the Instant-Win feature where the player can get a Mega jackpot prize up to 1000 times the total bet!

  • Though innovative, Piggy Smash sticks to some basic principles that most casino games follow. For example, it keeps things simple and keeps the action moving. But how would you describe the appeal of this new “genre” of casino games? What do you think it offers that traditional formats such as slots do not?

While this game will feel new to all players, it is cemented in traditional casino game fashion. It has a variation of wins, different chances of winning on each bet, and suspense and anticipation as well as fun features that keep the replay value very high.

The appeal of this game and Smash4Cash™ in general is that they present something players are fundamentally used to in a way that they have not seen before. As mentioned earlier, I believe Piggy Smash offers incredibly simple gameplay in comparison to the likes of a slot game.

The concept is simple and you instantly understand what the objectives are. As you smash open more Piggy Banks, you realize how much potential and excitement there is with each wager.

piggy smash4cash gaming corpsAs many know, Gaming Corps has been one of the first companies to reach regulated markets in several arcade titles, like Plinko, Mines and Crash games.


But we always intended to bring a new type of game to the online casino space, one that has not been seen before. We wanted to enter the market with this game and its genre defined from the get-go. Plus e had the idea for the mechanic first, then came about the theme and when we were smashing Piggy Banks for the first time and winning prizes, the name “Smash4Cash™” came instantly to us.

  • The way we see it, the game’s fundamentally simple concept allows for a lot of creativity in making different variations and themes going forward. Will we see more Smash4Cash titles in the near future? Perhaps you could give our readers a little teaser of things to come.

We totally agree, there are endless possibilities with this type of product and mechanic. We are certainly looking at what themes we can use for future iterations of this product.

I can tell your readers that we’ll definitely be creating a simple, themed game that is extremely light and quick to run on all devices and also another game with a theme which doesn’t stray too far away from the top slots on the market!


  • Speaking of the future, what are the Gaming Corps’ plans for 2024? Any big plans, hopes, or announcements?

For now, our 2024 plan continues where we left off last year. We are developing and releasing one slot game per month, and our player count grows with each release. This means we are beginning to find our place in this crowded market.

You can be sure to see even more arcade content from us in the coming months. These will include more Smash4Cash™ gameplay and we are also looking to release more Crash games. Plus, I’m sure there’ll be other types of games that we look to develop too.

  • That’s pretty much all of the questions we had for now – thanks for taking the time to answer them. If you have anything else to say before we wrap things up, now’s your chance!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to answer your questions, it was really fun to share a little insight into Gaming Corps and our products. We hope your readers enjoyed it and begin to look out for our games at their favourite casinos on


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