Triple Edge Studios’ Mike Bauerlein on Their Balancing Between Iteration and Innovation

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Last year, BestCasinos had the pleasure of chatting with Triple Edge Studios’ Mike Bauerlein. We learned a bit about Triple Edge Studios, their releases and plans for the future. Most importantly, we discovered the best recipe for success in an overcrowded industry.

Once again, BestCasinos is sitting down with the studio and we’re continuing where we left off. Let us see what has changed in the past year, as well as get a bit of scoop on exciting new releases from one of the independent studios working exclusively with Games Global.

  • Hello, and welcome to BestCasinos. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Let’s start with an introduction, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, thanks so much for the opportunity to chat about our games! My name is Mike Bauerlein, Market Readiness & Logistics Lead at Triple Edge Studios. I first started working for Triple Edge Studios in 2015, a couple of years before our studio converted from Flash to HTML5.

Since those days, we’ve learned and grown in huge leaps and bounds, not only in the technical space but also in our approach to making great games. Everything we do is driven by our core principle in balancing between iteration and innovation to design experiences that players are familiar with and excited about. We have had some amazing opportunities to collaborate alongside hugely recognizable brands in the gaming space to produce some of our most popular games, such Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon™ Megaways™, and Absolootly Mad™: Mega Moolah.

  • It has been a year since our last chat. Can you tell us what is new at Triple Edge Studios?

How the time flies! Besides the business as usual, we have been placing a lot of emphasis on a thorough review of game performance and general feedback from our customers. Finding what mechanics and brands work well for our players has helped us shape our games roadmap and will continue to improve the quality of our products. We’ve always been data-driven, and this is even more true in 2022.

  • Triple Edge Studios now supplies exclusive content through the Games Global platform. What are your expectations regarding your new relationship?

To add to my response above, our partnership with Games Global has given us even closer access to performance metrics and downstream data, which we use to continually adjust our games strategy. Our close working relationship allows is to leverage our Games Global’s strengths in market penetration and distribution, allowing us to focus on what we do best – create high quality and entertaining games!

“We’ve always been data-driven, and this is even more true in 2022.”

— Mike Bauerlein, Triple Edge Studios

  • Triple Edge Studios is one of the top independent studios working with Games Global. Can you tell us what makes you stand out from other studios on the market?

The iGaming industry is growing increasingly competitive, and we pride ourselves on placing a large focus on what works both at the product-level as well as for our internal culture. The pandemic and transition to work-from-home gave us an opportunity to test different methods for maximizing the levels of collaboration so necessary in our creative trade. We place a high priority on enabling our team to reach their full potential, and our reputation has been built from that core principle.

  • Integrating the Mega Moolah and WowPot progressives have really proven beneficial to the studio. Is the studio planning on continuing in the same vein?

The Mega Moolah and WowPot progressives are the most jaw-dropping jackpots on the market, and certainly great tools for attracting new and veteran players to our games. Indeed, some of the biggest wins recorded for these progressives have been triggered from our games, like Absolootly Mad™ Mega Moolah, and Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon™ WowPot. With such a fantastic and proven track record, our upcoming games roadmap will certainly include more progressives.

  • Your newest release, The Phantom of the Opera™ Link & Win™, went live at the end of August. Can you tell us a bit about this title?

Yes, we were thrilled to secure the license to create a truly authentic Phantom of the Opera experience, and we expect players will see we’ve done it justice. The artwork is sourced directly from the brand, and our sound designer got direct feedback when scoring the title! You’ll recognize the Phantom of course as well as other iconic imagery (watch out for the falling chandelier!) as you attempt to collect enough Masks to enter the Link&Win bonus feature.

Phantom of the Opera Link & Win Slot Online

  • The Phantom of the Opera is a sequel to a 2017 release. Is there a lot of pressure when it comes to developing a sequel to a popular classic?

I wouldn’t say it’s any more pressure than our other games, but we certainly take additional steps to ensure there is a clear association between the original and the innovative sequel. During production we are constantly reviewing and comparing against multiple sources, whether they are our own previous games, or the most recent competitor releases. In the case of a sequel, we always emphasize that link between the original, in this case, giving a fresh take on similar symbology.

  • Could you tell us something about Triple Edge Studios’ plans and releases for the upcoming period?

In general, we love to do justice to the brands our players have demonstrated a consistent interest in, so be prepared for some familiar faces in the near future! And as I mentioned before, there’s always room for more jackpots!

  • Is there anything you wish to say to our readers, that we may have forgotten to ask?

This was fun, as always! Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about Triple Edge Studios and we hope your readers enjoy playing our games!


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