Most Popular Multiplayer Roulette Games

Most Popular Roulette Games with Multiplayer Function

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Roulette is a social game which, even when transformed into an online embodiment of itself, strives to keep its element of interactivity. By live multiplayer roulette online gambling, experts gave thought of a way of easing your way into the Wheel.

 Roulette online multiplayer allows multiple players to join and play the game simultaneously. Players can use live chat to communicate in real-time.

From the abundance of existing online roulette variations nowadays, multiplayer roulette online has become the most enjoyable option. You can play the game with other people from anywhere in the world and at all devices available.

Why Games with Multiplayer & Co-Op Capabilities Are So Popular

The intriguing Devil’s Game is a puzzle in the minds of most experienced of players.

The psychological impact of the engaging gameplay is stunning, and no wonder the game is perpetually the centre of attention in iGaming circles. This cooperation, the stimulating surroundings and a superfluity of roulette variants are what make the game the eternal enigma. Henceforth, many a developer has created its own versions and amplified the overall global offering.

Moreover, teamwork is important. Multiplayer roulette gaming is the revolution of today’s gambling and it is so before its time that we are almost left speechless. Studies have shown that players are fond of playing with other humans rather than facing a machine for hours with no human interaction whatsoever. Such scenarios create and bring about a captivating and dynamic stage for social gaming with intrigue added to the mixture. The communication and dialogue among players provably drive players closer to the game and render their cognitive and decision-making capabilities. The presence of other fellow players demonstrably stimulates the brain.

Playing multiplayer roulette for real money in an interactive, social community has numerous benefits for your own skills as well. You grow as a person and a player; you can learn from other participants and thus evolve yourself. And even if you are rigid on your online gambling preferences, trying something new like live roulette can never hurt you! In other words, multiplayer roulette online is a fun roulette game through which you grow, learn, and enjoy excellent gambling.

Two Multiplayer Roulette Versions:  Computer Roulette and Live Roulette

Regardless of your preferred variant, some facts cannot be overlooked. It is worth noting that the multiplayer European roulette games offer the best odds and are not as risky as the multiplayer American roulette counterpart. This is all due to the additional zero in the latter variation. Be that as it may, it is basically the sole objective con considering the variant. Ultimately, it is certainly up to you to see what is more up your alley.

As far as RNG vs. live roulette eternal battle goes, we have a word or two to share with you. A quick disclaimer before we commence: we will be stating information only, without subtly implementing our own subjective opinion. With that said, let’s begin.

Each of the two versions holds a perk or two, which is why they both have their own audiences. The practice has however shown that there are two key aspects that differentiate them: the social aspect and the time aspect.

The Social Aspect

The live version takes the win with this one. You can play favourite casino games online with friends or strangers, whilst the other option deprives you of that interaction. As we have stated before, and we will continue to maintain, this game type is innately social. And stripping it off that quintessential feature is equal to destruction.

The Time Aspect

On the other side, computer roulette gives you all the time in the world. No one can put pressure on the time spent playing a roulette game for fun or real money. Time here is on your side.

Live dealer tables, especially certain variants like Speed Roulette are centred on speediness and quick thinking.

In such cases, it is a deadly sin that will cost you money and nerves if you are the type to take some time to think. You have a limited time to place bets and if you do not, the game will carry on without you.

Other virtual games, on the other hand, wait for your decision.

Should you prefer to proceed in a leisurely fashion and reconsider your roulette strategy, the computer-operated edition might be just the game for you. Plus, with RNG editions, you can play multiplayer roulette free of charge.

The 5 Best Multiplayer Roulette Games

Multiplayer roulette online offers a plethora of possibilities. But how do you know what table to choose? Are they all the same? Well, of course they are not all the same. Each multiplayer roulette online game offers something inherently unique and precious. We’ve put together a list of the multiplayer roulette games played the most that you can play right now on PC, Mac, or mobile devices.

Live Lightning Roulette

Play Multiplayer Live Lightning Roulette

  • Game Type: Live Dealer
  • Player Chat Function: Yes
  • Dealer Chat Function: Yes
  • Maximum Player Seats: Unlimited
  • Min. bet: €0.20
  • Max. bet: €100 – €2,000
  • iPhone & Android: Yes

This Evolution Gaming gemstone caters for the ultimate live dealer experience and is at the top of our list for a solid reason. Owing to its enormous multiplayer scalability, this variant allows an almost infinite number of players to participate simultaneously. The more, the merrier! Lightning Roulette is the paragon of interactive online entertainment. The game utilises random number generation, ensuring complete and utter genuineness. With fairness covered, the table goes on to mesmerise you with the looks. The studios designed in the style of Art Deco will make you feel as if you were in a museum, adding thereby a new dimension to your online gambling.

This world-renowned live edition with its thunder-like qualities offers a wide host of bets and a galvanising player adventure with enhanced chances of winning. Every round brings about a guaranteed win as the lightning strikes from 1 to 5 Lucky Numbers with multiplied payouts between 50x and 500x. The Lucky Numbers make Lightning Roulette a very fun roulette game.

Where to Play Live Lightning Roulette

Depending on the type of bet you make, your maximum bet will vary. The scope encompasses everything between €100 and €2,000. This popular multiplayer roulette online game can be found at a litany of online gambling websites. Therefore, we have cherry picked the ideal two places just for you. The following duo has gone through a thorough inspection by our expert team and is provably reputable and offers the best stakes. Mr Green hosts tournaments that allow stakes as high as 10k in certain cases.

Immersive Roulette

Play Multiplayer Immersive Roulette Live

  • Game Type: Live Dealer
  • Player Chat Function: Yes
  • Dealer Chat Function: Yes
  • Maximum Player Seats: Thousands
  • Min. bet: €0.50
  • Max. bet: €100
  • iPhone & Android: Yes

The master of live gaming continues to dazzle the life out of their clients with this engrossing release. Original and one of a kind, Immersive Roulette boasts an attractive gaming environment and charming croupiers who will happily chat with you as the game unfolds. The supreme quality game hooks you from the beginning and lures you so you cannot say no.

Packed with RNG and the best bits of live gaming, this captivating lot will welcome thousands of concurrent players at a single point in time. The immersion is achieved by providing the best, Hollywood-style camera movement, which moves you closer to the core of the game. You will miss out on absolutely nothing, as the mad camera angles embrace every corner of the premises. A total of 200 frames per second are features as this EGR’s Game of the Year 2014 carries on overwhelm punters worldwide.

Where to Play Immersive Roulette

Known for hefty bonuses and special offers surrounding this game, 888 Casino is the place to play Immersive Roulette. The game belongs to the low stakes’ category, so high roller gamblers might not be mesmerised with what variant has to offer. Low stakes hunters, however, have plenty to look forward to!

European Roulette

Play Multiplayer Europan Roulette Live

  • Game Type: Live Dealer
  • Player Chat Function: Yes
  • Dealer Chat Function: Yes
  • Maximum Player Seats: up to 4 concurrent tables per player
  • Min. bet: €1.00
  • Max. bet: €50,000
  • iPhone & Android: Yes

This relatively easy-to-play variant has swished the world by storm ever since it was launched. To date it continues to mesmerise devotees with its standard and VIP tables alike. As you might expect, it is one of the forerunners in Europe, but its growing popularity is unstoppable on a global level.  We recommend that you should get to know with the user-friendly interface before deciding on what table you would like to play at. Pick the one with the bet limits that fit your needs best, and a lovely dealer will say hi to you through the Live chat facility.

Perfectly optimised for performance on a host of mobile gadgets makes live European Roulette multiplayer ideal for players who do not have enough time to sit at home and play. Serious players keep their games in their pockets and, provided they have a solid Wi-Fi connection, play it anytime and anywhere. The game also caters for a personalised menu that welcomes up to 15 favourite bets of your own, as well as an option to speed up betting for seasoned gamblers.

Where to Play European Roulette

Being one of the most widespread releases, European Roulette multiplayer can be played across a broad selection of online gaming brands. Two of the leading ones follow.

Speed Roulette

Play Multiplayer Speed Roulette Live

  • Game Type: Live Dealer
  • Player Chat Function: Yes
  • Dealer Chat Function: Yes
  • Maximum Player Seats: Unlimited
  • Min. bet: €0.10
  • Max. bet: €200
  • iPhone & Android: Yes

Playing online roulette with other players has never been more fun or quicker! The fast-paced game allows for only 25 seconds between spins and caters for shocking amounts of adrenaline in our veins. The high-quality camera views are another reason why socially inclined players prefer this edition to many others. With the advanced math in mind, the creators doubled the fun with this live dealer variant that permits up to 50 games per hour!

A majority of online gambling venues offer bet ranges going from 1 up to a whopping 5,000, satisfying thus both low stake players and high roller gamblers. The tempo of the game changes in a snap, so you must think really fast when choosing your destiny!

Where to Play Speed Roulette

With two spins in a minute, Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming comes fourth on our most celebrated variants list. The bet spread varies from place to place, but overall, it should draw every profile of player in.

Multiplayer European Roulette – Playtech

Play Multiplayer European Roulette Playtech

  • Game Type: Computer (RNG)
  • Player Chat Function: Yes
  • Dealer Chat Function: No
  • Maximum Player Seats: 8
  • Min. bet: €1.00
  • Max. bet: €2,500
  • iPhone & Android: Yes

Multiplayer European Roulette is a multiplayer roulette online version with several players participating in a single engrossing match. Getting social is the chief aim of every online game and this legendary RNG variant by Playtech is one of the world-class ones. You can interact with other players via the chat option, exchange opinions and comment on the gameplay. This is not something you could achieve by playing the game as a single player. With Playtech’s Multiplayer European Roulette you get to play alongside other real players, for real money and against a virtual dealer on your Mac, PC, Android or mobile.

This version of the classic casino game will ask you to create nickname for yourself and then allows you to choose your room. You can even create a private table, but that would be missing the point, as we are going for social gambling. Observe other players’ gameplay in an extremely competitive ambiance and follow the ball’s momentum closely as it approaches the winning pocket. Lastly, the bright visuals and illustrations will appeal to about any sort of gambler, so this is one to try out. As this is an RNG table, you can also experiment with multiplayer roulette free of charge. Free multiplayer roulette play is a great way to boost your skills and gain experience.

Where to Play Multiplayer European Roulette – Playtech

One of the most lifelike online editions, the Multiplayer European Roulette by Playtech caters for an authentic experience at some of the most notable online casinos on the Web.


A team of live casino players enjoying their favourite game synchronously is constantly on the rise. Moreover, it will rise even more, and right now seems to be the perfect timing to tag along. Multiplayer roulette allows you to socialise with people who share your interests.

Nothing beats hanging out with friends while taking pleasure in an enjoyable activity you have in common. With our carefully fathomed handpicked selection, you can have a good time playing with other punters simultaneously at safe and trustworthy online gambling sites. And no other game can give you more such opportunities than multiplayer roulette.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roulette Multiplayer Games

Worry not, we are not finished yet. We also prepared answers to burning questions you might have about multiplayer video roulette tables. Have a look and don’t hesitate to reach out should you have more questions.

In multiplayer roulette games, you can use any strategy that you like to use for single-player games. However, the multiplayer function allows you to keep track of other players’ moves. You can learn a great deal from that. So, a great strategy to advance in this game is to watch what other punters are doing and then deciding what your next move should be.

  • Can beginners play roulette multiplayer for real money?

Yes, even beginners can play roulette multiplier for real money in reputed casinos. However, we do not recommend this as beginners lack experience and may risk losing money this way. We recommend trying free multiplayer roulette first, and then switching to real play once you gather enough insights and build proficiency.

  • How to win multiplayer roulette always?

This game is quite unpredictable, and no one can guarantee you’ll win every time. But you can use the multiplayer video roulette function to your advantage to increase winning chances. For instance, you may chat with other players and consult them about winning strategies. You are not playing against each other, so you should instead team up to help each other.

  • Are there any multiplayer roulette apps?

Multiplayer roulette casinos are designed for mobile users as well. If you enjoy playing casino games on mobile devices, you can find a plethora of casinos with multiplayer roulette apps. Only make sure that the operator is trustworthy before you join.

  • Which variant is the best for multiplayer?

You can find all variants in multiplayer mode, including European roulette multiplayer and multiplayer American roulette. However, our recommendation is to play multiplayer European roulette games as they have a more favourable configuration than the American version.


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