Widely Used Mobile Payment Options for Online Gambling

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Mobile gaming has opened a new chapter in the evolution of the casino game.

It’s remarkable to even think about how far the gaming scene has come over the past two decades which have undeniably seen the biggest portion of progress take place. It was thanks to the unstoppable advances of technology and innovative thinking that the entire gaming scene has first moved into the online universe and now – slowly but surely – steers its way into the mobile sphere.

The introduction of online gaming has arguably brought upon the biggest change to the very nature of the gaming world. People still love to go to land based establishments but the convenience of online gaming has still been an argument brick and mortar venues cannot fight against.

The explosion of change really occurred with the advent of smartphones. These handheld devices have long stop being just means of communication. They are slowly becoming an undetachable extension of one’s arm which brings entire world to the palm of our hand.

Advantages of Mobile Gaming

To get the most obvious out of the room – convenience still remains the biggest pro mobile argument. The very fact you can play from virtually anywhere – as long as there’s an internet connection available – is quickly making your phones and tablets the primary focus of the entire gaming industry – both from developers and operators’ point of view.

Mobile casino platforms are at the moment considered the industry standard. Those gambling venues that do not offer mobile gambling and do not boast an phone app are not considered top-notch. It’s as simple as that.

Most mobile casinos are nowadays packed with offers exclusive for mobile players, whereas the graphic advancement has allowed casino operators to offer games that are as visually satisfying as desktop gaming.

In addition to being more convenient, mobile gaming is more fun. More importantly, it can also be more rewarding as casino operators offer some amazing progressive jackpot games on mobile devices as well.

Mobile Payment

One of the biggest question marks that hovered above the mobile gaming in general was mobile payment and the question of security behind it. With mobile gaming scene booming there is, quite admittedly, an apparent lack of payment processors which keep up the pace to accommodate the growing need for mobile.

However, with over 80% of traffic coming from mobile devices on websites around the globe, there is an increasing number of companies which are trying to cut the lagging behind and to enable the online casinos to accept payments directly from phones. Mobile payment traffic is said to convert into paying customers around only 40% which is half the amount of hte total traffic and that’s something it is being worked on. With mobile payments slowly becoming a social standard when it comes to paying bills and making online purchases, the gaming sector is following suit and today we have several prominent mobile payments methods, four of which stand out with their reliability, reputability and overall quality of service.

Those are:

Siru Mobile

A firm from Finland established in 2011, Siru Mobile was built on a vision to fill the obvious gap in the market and to allow for mobile payments to conveniently reflect the lifestyle of on-the-go users. Such a vision was shaped into a cloud-based payment service which caters to a large number of users at the moment.

Siru Mobile offers quick and risk free payment with company’s top-notch risk management  protecting you from fraud and misuse at all time. Siru mobile is an intuitive service which adapts to your country’s specific rules, regulations and languages to make sure the sale flow is as efficient and responsive as possible.

How Siru Mobile Works

Using the Siru Mobile service to make deposits and withdrawals to and from your online casino account is pretty much straightforward. You only need a cellular phone number and a casino that accepts this particular payment method. The best thing about Siru Mobile is that you don’t need to register at its website. First time users will only be required to verify their phone number via an SMS code that will be sent over to them.

Once your mobile phone is verified, you will get a MySiru wallet which will from then on work on all computers and smartphone devices. It will be controlled with your mobile phone with money available for deposit via a call to the Siru Mobile premium rate number.

As for the online casino funding, just choose Siru Mobile from your casino’s list of payment options. Once you’ve typed in your personal information – and a phone number – you will get a receipt for your deposit as verification with your money being almost immediately credited into your casino account.

Target Markets

Siru Mobile is currently available in a limited number of countries. Casino players from Finland, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom are the only ones who can use it to fund their gambling accounts but the company has already expressed an interest to expand its footprint to additional countries in near future.

Siru Mobile Accepted Casinos


Generally associated to parking payments, PayByphone has outgrown its original purpose and has long become one of the favoured banking methods for other purposes and services – such as funding your online casino account.

PayByPhone is a mobile app that allows you to pay in just a quick couple of taps without ever having to waste precious time with banking processing. It’s a hassle free service that’s continued to grow hand-in-hand with the widespread use of mobile phones today. What’s more, PayByPhone is proud to be one of only 44 apps around the globe that have been approved with the Apple Watch.

How PayByPhone Works

First thing you need to make sure of is to check whether your phone is set up for processing and approving mobile payments. Additionally, you are advised to check if your prepaid device is filled with enough credit to cover the deposit.

Once these boxes are ticked, all you have to do is to find an online gaming establishment which supports the said payment. PayByPhone deposits are handled almost instantly which allows you to proceed with playing straight away. The speed factor is a big plus with choosing this particular method. Deposits you make will appear on your phone bill at the end of the cycle you are currently in. Depending on the time and date of the payment, you might get all the changes visible on the next phone bill.

Target Markets

PayByPhone is primarily targeting the North American market. Available across the United States and Canada, this payment method can be freely used in Australia and New Zealand, but also in the UK, Switzerland and France.

PayByPhone Mobile Accepted Casinos

Apple Pay

Dubbed the easiest way to send and receive money – and to pay for goods and services online – ApplePay is enjoying a boost in popularity with more and more people switching to Apple devices every day. This particular payment method lets you pay across all of your Apple devices and as of recently it allows you to even receive money from friends and family right in Messages.

It does not involve an app. You can pay through Messages or have Siri launch this method by giving voice instructions. Pretty cool, right? Not only is it convenient but ApplePay is safe and secure. When you make a purchase, ApplePay will use a device-specific number and unique transaction code to protect your card number which will never be stores on Apple servers. Ultimately, this way your card number is never shared by Apple with merchants, in this particular case online casinos.

How Apple Pay Works

Setting up Apple Pay is done in just a few straightforward steps. You need to add your debit card and credit cards to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac – all devices individually and separately. Once typed in, the card will need to be verified by your bank or card issuer after which this fantastic service is your to use.

You can then fund your online casino accounts via Touch ID or with Face ID, which is another advantage compared to other services out there. It’s definitely a more convenient option than other eWallets which work on a similar method.

Target Markets

Apple Pay is a widespread service which constantly expands its footprint around the globe. Accepted across the United States and Canada, Apple Pay can also be used in Brazil, across Europe and in the Asian-Pacific region. Still, with tight gambling regulation in effect across the United States, American players can’t use Apple Pay to fund their online casino accounts directly. There is an option to use Apple Pay to purchase a money order or a prepaid card that can consequently used to fund their online casino accounts.

Apple Pay Accepted Casinos


A Swedish fintech company, Zimpler has been around since 2012. During the course of it’s fledgling existence thus far, this payment firm has been making steady steps forward to establish itself as a widespread mobile banking method. Zimpler’s popularity has been down to its convenience, simplicity and security.

Zimpler basically offers you a modern mobile wallet which gives users a full control of their spending. Zimpler utilises spending limits, nudging and behavioural science methods to help its customers curb the overspending which is arguably their biggest advantage – especially for online casino payments.

How Zimpler Works

As simple as one, two, three – Zimpler in fact works in three simple steps. All you have to do is to choose Zimpler as your preferred payment method at an online casino of your choice during the registration process and then enter your phone number. Zimpler will then send you your unique four-digit code through a text message which you will have to use to confirm your secure deposit.

Target Markets

At this moment in time, Zimpler services are limited to Sweden and Finland but the company has already announced plans for entering more European markets in near future. With hundreds of thousands of people currently using Zimpler across these two countries, online casinos catering to the lucrative Nordic market have all adopted Zimpler as a favourable mobile phone payment method.

Zimpler Mobile Accepted Casinos


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