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EGT Interactive Unveils One-Of-A-Kind Roulette

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EGT Interactive, the division of EGT that mainly produces online casino games, has unveiled a brand-new Roulette table. The game whose release the company just announced is Roulette Paytable Dynamic.

The table is a regular Roulette table that brings the players the benefit of increasing payouts through a unique concept. The ‘magic numbers’, as EGT Interactive put it, are multipliers that can increase win potential in an instant. Here are the details.

Uniqueness Overload

EGT Interactive’s upcoming release promises an experience you have never had before. The innovative Roulette table brings forth a multitude of features that will surely appeal to the players.

Among the features are the ‘magic numbers’, i.e. coefficient multipliers. Players can select the multipliers that will then boost the payouts of the bets. Speaking of bets, they are the usual bunch. Roulette Paytable Dynamic features the standard set of bets typically present in online Roulette. 

Well-Known and Unknown

Roulette Paytable Dynamic is a classic European Roulette variant. All the bets are there, but the players have one more option to boost their playtime. Namely, the presence of these ‘magic numbers’ coefficient multipliers allows the players to increase payouts. They activate once the players finish placing their bets.

When this happens, the punters get a chance to enjoy classic Roulette play, but with higher rewards. The magic numbers (and multipliers) can bet from 2 to 10. The Paytable defines the payouts according to the multipliers.

But wait, there is more – EGT added four-tier Jackpots to the game. Believe it or not, this might be the best Roulette variant that we have seen in months.

The game is unique and quite fetching. Players will undoubtedly enjoy playing this quirky mix of traditional and modern Roulette. If you thought this represented a real treat, EGT has another surprise for you. The wheel, as it approaches the end of the round, slowly slows down, which gives you a realistic vibe from land-based casinos. Players, look for this game in all EGT Interactive casinos and enjoy playing the revolutionary Roulette!


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