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Blackjack Deviations – How Basic Strategy Flexibility Affects Gameplay

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What are blackjack deviations? And why are they important for playing blackjack online? investigates! We bring you a comprehensive guide into blackjack deviations, where we show you why they matter and how to do deviations in blackjack to improve your skills. If you want to become a pro player and win more often at blackjack tables, variations will surely help.

What Are Blackjack Deviations?

Deviations in blackjack are strategy alterations players make during playtime. They are handy for true count changes. Also, players usually need them when the shoe is changed or other unexpected situations happen.

There are two types of deviations – betting deviations and playing deviations. The first represents changes in wagering habits, where players desert their preferred strategy in favour of an improvised move.

On the other hand, playing deviations are changes in the moves that players take while playing. Although this might lead you to think that deviations are purely unpremeditated improvisations, they are actually not. Instead, players use blackjack deviation charts to navigate the deviant waters of blackjack, and each move is calculated and chosen as the best alternative in a given situation.

Betting Deviations

Betting deviations in blackjack refer to bet changes. When players encounter a change in the game flow, the logical thing would be to follow the betting strategy to a T. However, in some cases, that would be dangerous, and the player might end up losing money.

Why does this happen? Well, no system is perfect, especially betting systems that focus on gambling games. Great amounts of time and energy have been invested in devising the perfect wagering system that could be used in every situation, but that is nearly impossible. Hence, players who mastered the optimal betting strategy can deviate from it to save themselves from a certain money loss.

Most commonly, betting deviations are used when the true count changes. The change of the true count affects the edge, and that calls for big decisions in betting. The true count is the most important part. To always have the correct true count, calculate the count between rounds.

Playing Deviations

Playing deviations are moves that signify a departure from your basic strategy. They are also done whenever the true count changes.

If you are a player who likes to play by the book, you will sometimes run into certain situations that will make you question the reliability of your strategy. But you should not be afraid to use deviations because blackjack experts have checked each strategy diversion instance to ensure the safety of each move.

How do playing deviations work? Well, you first need to calculate the true count to see whether you should deviate from the strategy. However, you should remember that, even if you calculated the true count at the start of the round, you should do it again when it’s your turn to make a playing decision. You must do this because the running count changed, so you should check whether you should diverge or follow the strategy.

Why Are Deviations Important

Deviations were invented to protect the players. As we said, no system is perfect, especially if we talk about betting and playing techniques. Sure, the basic blackjack strategy is a superb method to navigate the blackjack waters, but is it 100% reliable and infallible? It’s not. Therefore, by using deviations in playing blackjack online, you ensure that you are always doing the best thing for yourself.

Moreover, deviations in blackjack increase your expected value. For instance, you may come to a situation where you would typically Hit, but the deviation chart clearly states that you should Stand. If you choose to do the deviation stated, you stand to win more in the long run than you would if you only followed the basic strategy.

The rule divergence does not mean you are going to lose money – it means you are probably going to save it because the chart creators thought of every fact, possibility, and statistic.

And that’s perhaps one of the main things to know about online blackjack deviations in betting and playing. These are not spontaneous decisions or speculation but rather theories based on a lot of research. Hence, to use them properly, you will require extensive knowledge of basic strategy – nay, you should master it – and card counting techniques. Moreover, you should be proficient in counting the true/running count because blackjack deviations are only for advanced players.

Best Blackjack Games to Practice Deviations

Okay, you know what blackjack deviations are, how to distinguish between playing and betting deviations, and why they are essential. But what to do now?

We suggest practice! Using deviations in online blackjack is a serious task, as they require a high level of proficiency and patience.

Luckily, we have just the thing. Here are our top blackjack games where you can practice betting and playing deviations in blackjack.

ONE Blackjack – Pragmatic Play

A single-seat multiplayer game that lets you focus on the game and enjoy superb blackjack playtime is a great first choice for blackjack deviations. Pragmatic Play made the game simple – it’s sleek, modern and cutting-edge, and simplistic and elegant. The entire point of the single-seat gameplay is to let players immerse themselves in gameplay without being bothered and distracted by other players. But it’s also scalable – an unlimited number of players can join in on the fun and enjoy the game.

Try this Pragmatic Play live blackjack gem at 1xBet Casino!

Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto-Split – Ezugi

Another one of our favourites is the Ezugi Unlimited 21 Blackjack Auto-Split. So, the game accepts an unlimited number of players. That’s why it bears the ‘Unlimited’ in the title. While that may not surprise you a bit, we mention it because this is the first game to be fully scalable! Moreover, Split is an automated option, which means all pairs will be automatically split during rounds. Ezugi, Evolution’s company, is a major trendsetter in the live casino department. You won’t regret giving this game a go.

Give the Ezugi live blackjack game a go at the famous LeoVegas casino!

All Bets Blackjack – Playtech

Our third and final live blackjack suggestion is the Playtech live dealer table All Bets Blackjack. Why? Well, because it’s a simple, fun, and fast-paced game developed by one of the biggest game producers in the world. Standard blackjack rules apply, so you don’t need to learn a new strategy to handle it. But, of course, the game has a couple of added perks (more like 6). Playtech incorporated six new side bets that amp the fun up and let you enjoy premium blackjack gaming. Enjoy Buster side bets, Top 3, Lucky Lucky, 21+3, as well as Dealer and Player Pairs.

Don’t miss Playtech All Bets Blackjack live at Spin Rio!


To play blackjack online for real money does not necessarily entail complex strategies and playing methods. You can play without any preparation, just learn the rules and hit the table.

But if you want to be a proficient player with an excellent winning rate, you will need a strategy. And sometimes, not even strategies can help you win – which is why you should try blackjack deviations.

But before you even consider using deviations in blackjack strategy, make sure you have mastered the rules, basic strategy, and true count calculation. Without that, playing deviations won’t work as efficiently as they would if you mastered the strategy and rules.


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