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First Look at Ezugi’s Jackpot Roulette

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The live casino scene is always reshaping and updating. Top-tier providers in the sector constantly look for new ways to enhance the gaming experience at live dealer tables. 

One of these hard-working providers is Ezugi. The Romanian developer excels in creating innovative, state-of-the-art live dealer tables for the global market. Hard work, dedication, and creativity earned the company a place under the big spotlight. But the company did not stop there. Recently, the company announced a brand-new game that intends to take live Roulette to a new level. Dear players, we hope you are ready for something ingenious because Jackpot Roulette is here.

Game Overview

Jackpot Roulette is by far the most interesting Roulette table that we have seen this month. In fact, May and June have been quite eventful when it comes to this type of game. We first met Instant Roulette by Evolution, and then we tried out the new Auto-Roulette from Pragmatic Play.

However, Jackpot Roulette has something that neither of the two mentioned tables have – jackpots. The newest Ezugi table boasts incredible jackpots that operators can adjust and customize however, they like.

For this game, the developer teamed up with BlueRibbon Interactive, a company that specializes in jackpot titles. The two partners managed to embellish this game with heaps of customizable Roulette features and jackpots. There is no doubt that all players will appreciate the effort that both providers poured into this release.

This is a regular table with a jackpot. Bets go from €1 to €1,000 per round.

How to Play Jackpot Roulette

As we already mentioned, Jackpot Roulette is a regular table with a medium-roller table limit. You can place no less than €1 as a bet, while the maximum is €1,000. As soon as you load the game screen, you will see the dealer that is sitting next to the wheel. On your screen, you have an interactive 3D user interface where you can track your progress.

A racetrack, the table, and the game statistics are in the lower part of the screen. You can see each bet on the table thanks to cutting-edge technology.

However, our team enjoyed the statistics widget that displays all previous game outcomes, statistical info about each round and bet.

The top part of the screen houses the Jackpot amount and the tips for the game.

To play, choose the bet that you want to roll, and place your chips there. After the dealer closes the bets, he/she spins the wheel. After the wheel stops, you will either win or lose the winnings.

As this is a classic European-style table, there are a single zero and 36 pockets. Bet options include Tiers, Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, and inside/outside bets. Payouts go according to classic Roulette: even/odd numbers, red/black bets, and 1-18/19-36 pay even money. Column Dozen yield 2:1, Line is worth 5:1, Corner 8:1, Street 11:1, and any Split is worth 17:1. Finally, you will get 35:1 for Straight up bets.

Where to Find and Play Jackpot Roulette

For now, the game is not available for operators. The official release date was not revealed yet. But there is no doubt that Ezugi and Blue Ribbon will hurry to present the game to operators worldwide.

We will keep our eyes peeled for a release date and will update you as soon as we learn more.

When it comes to the location where the game will be available, we are guessing that all Ezugi casinos will add it. Hence, if your favourite online casino works with Ezugi, you will surely be able to find it in the lobby. If not, check back here for top venues where you can play and enjoy Jackpot Roulette.

What to Expect from the New Table?

Ezugi knows what it is doing. Making high-class live dealer tables has been its main preoccupation for years. Therefore, we are not surprised to see this magnificent game roll out of the studio.

So, what is the best thing about Jackpot Roulette? For our team, it is the jackpot feature. Granted, this is not the first time that we saw a jackpot inside a live dealer game. However, it is the first time that Ezugi added that.

Both BlueRibbon and Ezugi firmly believe that this will drive player retention further thanks to the immense feature potential. Remember – everyone loves jackpots.

So, we are confident that this game will be more than successful once it arrives at online casinos.

Please watch the video below if you want to see for yourself the features, jackpots, and the gameplay of Jackpot Roulette.

Other Live Roulette Tables to Check Out

If you are not willing to sit patiently and wait for Jackpot Roulette to roll out, we have a couple of great ideas for you.

You can try out other amazing live Roulette tables or inquire more about upcoming releases.

For instance, we strongly recommend diving more into Instant Roulette by Evolution Gaming. The game won’t come until July, but it is never too early to start preparing for its release!

Furthermore, Pragmatic Play rolled out Auto-Roulette a couple of weeks ago. This exclusive live Roulette table is already live in major online casinos around the world.

Oh, and if you get bored with Roulette, you can switch to Power Blackjack for a couple of rounds at a premium Blackjack table.


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