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Introducing Pragmatic Play’s Auto-Roulette

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Live Roulette tables are exceptional sources of premium casino entertainment. The biggest benefit from playing at these tables is the realistic experience that one gets – nothing can top that. But that doesn’t mean no one is willing to try!

A couple of weeks ago, Pragmatic Play introduced its brand-new Auto-Roulette. At first glance, the game looks like any other live Roulette table – realistic experience with a low table limit. Except, there is a little catch – there are no live dealers. We had a look at the new game and came back to report to our dear readers what we found. Players, please welcome Auto-Roulette.

Brief Game Overview

Auto-Roulette is Pragmatic Play’s nod to advanced technology in modern gambling. The tech behind this release is spectacular – like always – and Pragmatic Play used it only to enhance the user experience. And trust us, the company more than managed to do that.

The new release is a standard European Roulette variant with a single zero. The main trait is the absence of dealers, ergo the name Auto. It is fully automated, and the players get to navigate the game thanks to the 3D interface on the screen. The machine kickstarts the wheel. There is no human interaction at all. In true Pragmatic Play fashion, the UI is available in 17 languages. So, you can pick the language that you want and enjoy the game without a worry. Besides a multitude of languages, the provider enabled the players to use over 100 currencies. The RTP is 97.30%.

Key Features

The game comes with a myriad of features too. Thanks to 4K camera quality, you can immerse yourself fully into the game with a constant focus on the wheel. Furthermore, low streaming latency enables smooth and seamless playtime. If you want, you can zoom in anytime you wish to see something up close.

There is no dealer, but Pragmatic Play included a pre-recorded audio of the dealer that plays throughout the game. The game statistics are interactive, and you can access all previous round details anytime as well. Finally, the game lets you communicate with fellow players and Live Support via Live Chat, where you can also contact the dealers if you like.

How to Play Auto-Roulette

Auto-Roulette Pragmatic Play

If you know the European variant, you will learn to play Auto-Roulette in no time. The game rules are straightforward – place your bets on desired spots and let the machine do its magic. Once the wheel stops, you will either get your winnings or watch as the lost amount gets deducted from your balance.

Speaking of bets, there are a couple of neat options for placing wagers. You first get to decide what amount you wish to place as the bet. Afterwards, you can save this amount as your favourite bet and use it later again. This game also has one of the lowest betting limits in the industry. The minimum bet amount is €0.01, while the maximum amount is €5,000.

You have 15 seconds to decide what you are willing to bet. Pragmatic Play’s new release is available 24/7.

Special Bets

The game comes with three special bets that you can use anytime you want. Below you can find detailed explanations for each special bet.

  • Final en Plain: This bet is a combination of advanced bets that are typically reserved for top-tier tables. Final en Plain lets you bet on straight-up bets for numbers that end with a matching digit. For instance, betting on 3, 13, 23, and 33 would be a Final en Plain special bet. Depending on the numbers that you are betting, the payout is 35:3 or 35:4.
  • Finales a Cheval: A literal translation of this name is Finales with Straights and Splits. This option lets you bet on the numbers that have 1 or 2 identical last digits. You can both bet on the splits and the straight-up bets.
  • Full Complete: This bet lets you bet on all inside bets for a certain number. In some casinos, the players call it Maximum Bet. Typically, high rollers enjoy using this unique bet.

Where to Play Auto-Roulette

Now that we know more about Auto-Roulette table, it’s time to ask the million-dollar question: where to play Auto-Roulette? Well, that is easy. Pragmatic Play is an internationally acclaimed developer with operators around the world. Top online casinos already house this game.

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It’s live, so you can forget about trying it out for free. Demo versions for live casino games are not possible. Nevertheless, we do not doubt you are more than ready to try it out (provided you are well-versed in the European variant).

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If you need to refresh your memory about game rules and most popular strategies, we recommend stopping by our strategies guide. There are no unique strategies for this table, so you can use any technique that you like.

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Our Experience with Auto Roulette

Auto-Roulette Pragmatic Play Live

The automated machines that do not require actual dealers to be physically present is not a new concept. Nor is it common – most of the live casino tables still feature croupiers. The absence of the dealer might be its main trait, but it’s not what attracted us the most.

Our team liked the whole package. Granted, without the dealers, the game picks up the pace, so there is no loitering around between sessions. The only variant that’s faster than this is the Instant Roulette from Evolution Gaming. Furthermore, the 3D interface is a nice touch up that makes navigating the game quite easy. Additionally, our team enjoyed the betting limit. There is a lot of room for experimentation, so you won’t run out of ideas for bet settings. If you enjoy using Roulette strategies, you may do so without worrying about the balance technicalities.

Finally, the ribbon that ties everything in is the aura of intimacy that swirls around the wheel. Although you don’t get that familial atmosphere like when there’s a dealer, here you don’t need it. Auto-Roulette is wrapped in smooth gameplay where the intuitive UI does the job (and magic) for you. Your only job is to relax and have fun – precisely what we are looking for in the games. Therefore, BestCasinos wholeheartedly recommends trying out the new table because you will not regret it.


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