How to Play Instant Roulette from Evolution Gaming

How to Play the World’s Fastest Instant Roulette by Evolution Gaming

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Evolution Gaming, the biggest live casino software developer in the industry, has announced a brand-new game. Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you are ready for Instant Roulette!

The new game is the world’s fastest Roulette table that you can find in your live casino starting July the 30th. It features 12 wheels ready to drop the ball anytime you join the game. If you want to become an expert in playing live Roulette, continue reading what we prepared below for you. We included a detailed game overview, a guide for playing Instant Roulette for real money, as well as top strategies that you can use.

Without further ado, please welcome Instant Roulette!

Game Overview

Instant Roulette is Evolution’s new live Roulette table. It features 12 different wheels that spin simultaneously. That enables the game to have fast rounds, which is how Instant Roulette became the world’s fastest Roulette.

The Instant Roulette wheels are synchronous auto Roulette wheels, so they are rolling in a synchronized way. There are no live dealers here, so everything is automated. Furthermore, it’s a single-zero, European variant that you can access 24/7. Evolution Gaming stated that the theoretical RTP rate in Instant Roulette is 97.30%. The minimum bet is €0.50, while the maximum stops at €10,000.

How to Play

If you know how to play European Roulette, you will have no problems with Instant Roulette. This single-zero game might have a dozen of whirling wheels and an automated system, but its gameplay is not complex at all. You will quickly find your way around the game, and the unlimited betting time will surely help.

Oh, we are not kidding – Instant Roulette features unlimited betting times, so you can take as long as you need to place wagers. Think about your moves, set the bet, and click the “Play Now” button.

After you start the round, the wheel that is the closest to stopping (they are all spinning non-stop) will be the one where you can await your bet. This is the great innovation that Evolution Gaming thought of to increase the speed. The title of ‘the fastest Roulette in the world’ is there not because you need to hurry up with betting – you know you don’t have to. The fastest wheel will speed the game up for you. If you want the game to go in max speed, you can begin a new round as soon as you see the results from the previous round. Click the ‘REBET’ button if you want to use the same bet for the next round as well!


Bets in Evolution’s latest live addition are just like in any regular European variant table. The possible bets in the game are straight, split, street, square/corner, a six-line, column, and dozen. You can also bet on the colour and the odd/even numbers. Your bets are visible on the loading screen below the room view.

To place a bet, simply click on the numbers/bets that you see. Your balance is right below that, and the top of the game screen contains info about table limits. Your minimum bet is €0.50, while the maximum amount which you can place on a single stake is €10,000.

If you get confused by the betting options, you can find more information in the Pay table in the bottom right corner.

Top Strategies for Instant Roulette

The rules are simple, the game is fun, but what about winning chances? Well, if you want to become a pro at this live game, you can use any Roulette strategy that you like. Of course, some are more efficient than others. Here are our top three strategies for playing Instant Roulette for real money.

The Martingale

This strategy is often regarded as the basic Roulette strategy. The reason is not surprising at all – most players use it, and it is often successful. If you choose this method, here is what you do: double your bets after each loss. That way, you have more chances of retrieving what you lost in the game once you win.

D’ Alembert

This betting technique is safer than the Martingale, mainly because it features smaller increases in the bet instead of doubling. After each win, you still get to increase the stake, but only by one. If you win, congrats – you may decrease the bet. The main point of this method is to have wins that are equal to your losses.

The Fibonacci

This strategy is named after Fibonacci, the famous Italian mathematician. He invented the sequence in which a number is the sum of the two previous numbers. It goes like this – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, etc. So, you get the gist – you add your two previous bet amounts to form the next one, and so on. It’s great if you are looking to gain fast profits, but it only works if you are winning.

Where to Find Instant Roulette

Evolution Gaming is a big deal in online and live casino gaming. The games that the company produces are instantly accessible to high-class gaming halls across the globe – its influence stretches from the USA to Asia.


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Instant Roulette will be another one of its games to grace live casino lobbies next month. The official release date is July the 30th, so save the date!


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As this is a live dealer table – without a dealer, okay – you cannot find it anywhere as a demo version. Instant Roulette is, like all Evolution Gaming titles, only available for real-money playtime. But we know that that doesn’t bother you.


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Why Our Team Loves this Game

Okay, so we love Roulette, especially when it comes in the shape of a live dealer table. But what we love even more are innovations. Granted, this game has a simple design, but one that makes an enormous impact on the entire experience.

Gone are the days where you must wait on your turn to pick a bet and roll the wheel – here the wheels turn all the time. The added feature of instant bets and unlimited betting times only add to the game’s appeal.

If you like games with wheels that play out in real-time, well – this game is a perfect fit for you. We hope you will like it as much as we did!


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