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Sic Bo Microgaming – All You Need To Know

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Switch Studios, one of many independent providers working with Microgaming, has a new game for you. If you are a fan of table games and old-school casino gaming, you’ll love the new Sic Bo Microgaming released. Players, brace yourselves, because Sic Bo is exclusively here – and it’s right in your favourite Microgaming casino.

If you want to learn more about this new RNG game, you have come to the right place. We explored the new game along with its rules, bets, and payouts. We even threw in a couple of pro tips for good measure!

Brief Game Overview

So, what is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is the elegantly named new release from Microgaming and Switch Studios. The release bears the name of the eponymous casino game type that’s quite popular across Asia.

The reason why Microgaming gave so simple a name to this title is that it is the first game that belongs to the Sic Bo category in its portfolio. If you are familiar with Microgaming’s work, you know that the library contains a diverse collection of titles, but never before there has been a Sic Bo online game. Thankfully, the company decided to rectify it in autumn of 2020.

The new title is an RNG table which you can find and play in any online casino which works with Microgaming. If you are familiar with this genre, you probably already know the basics – it’s a dice game, played with three dice, where the goal is to predict the outcome of the roll.

Each potential outcome translates into a betting option. It has great winning odds due to the house edge of 2.78%, which corresponds to 97.22% RTP. When it comes to betting, each option has a specific minimum and maximum wager amount. If you wish to combine several into one wager in a round, you cannot go over the €4,720 table limit. Small/Big bets have a €180 maximum wager amount.

How to Play Sic Bo

How to Play Sic Bo Microgaming Switch Studios

Now that you are introduced to the new release, let’s see how to play Sic Bo and, more importantly, how to win this game.

The layout of the game is sometimes too much for the players because it displays dozens of wagering options. For inexperienced punters, that can be a major problem – but a quick scan of the rules solves the problem right away.

To play Sic Bo for real money, players need first to hit a Microgaming casino and find the game. When they load the screen, they’ll immediately see the table layout.

Now, it’s an RNG game, which means you play against the machine. Whenever you feel ready to start the round, you only need to click the Roll button. This is especially great for novices, as they have more than enough time to think about their wagers.

Before each round, you have a chance to pick a bet on any of the possible options on the layout. When you finish with this step, click Roll and let the RNG dice roll. Their outcome will turn into either a payout or nothing – as you might win or lose your wager.

If you win, you’ll automatically receive the winnings and you will be able to start with the next round right away.

Sic Bo Table Limits & Payouts

Sic Bo has an interesting paytable, and given how many options for betting there are, it takes time to figure out the payouts.

We took the time to write down all payouts for all possible outcomes in Microgaming’s Sic Bo online. Below you will find a full Sic Bo paytable with minimum and maximum bets, as well as payouts.

Bet Type

Minimum Bet Amount

Maximum Bet Amount



€1 €180 1:1


€180 1:1


€1 €5 180:1

Any Triple

€1 €30 31:1


€1 €80 11:1

Two Dice Combination

€1 €150 6:1

One Dice Bet – Three Dice Match

€1 €75 12:1

One Dice Bet – Two Dice Match

€1 €75 2:1

One Dice Bet – One Dice Match

€1 €75 1:1

In case you are interested in betting on total amounts, you have several options to consider. The interesting part is that each total bet comes with a specific payout. According to laws of probability, Microgaming and Switch assigned payouts to each total bet outcome.

Have a look at the Three Dice Total Bet payouts in Sic Bo:

Total Value Rolled

Minimum Bet Amount

Maximum Bet Amount



€1 €15 62:1


€1 €30 31:1


€1 €50 18:1


€1 €75 12:1


€1 €110 8:1


€1 €130 7:1


€1 €150 6:1


€1 €150 6:1


€1 €130 7:1


€1 €110 8:1


€1 €75 12:1


€1 €50 18:1


€1 €30 31:1


€1 €15 62:1

The lowest and the highest total outcomes are least likely to appear and bring you a reward. That’s why the payout is so high and the maximum bet amount so low. However, you can really dig in with the middle values which both have high limits – and solid payouts.

Where to Play Sic Bo

A gaming company such as Microgaming has a truly awe-inspiring outreach among providers. After years on the market, Microgaming has amassed an impressive collection of casino partners, which means its games are accessible no matter where you are.

Play Sic Bo at Videoslots!

Videoslots is the biggest online casino in the world with over 4,000 games in the lobby. Unsurprisingly, the newest table game in Microgaming’s portfolio is available here as well. You only need to become a member by filling up the registration quickly to enjoy the new release fully.

Play Sic Bo at 888!

Another great venue to try out Sic Bo this autumn is 888 Casino. The site is a major international brand which boasts thousands of premium-quality games. Sic Bo Microgaming and Switch Studios released is right there in the lobby.

Tips for Beginners

Proficient players will greatly enjoy this game, but Microgaming did not want to exclude beginners from enjoying this release. However, given how overwhelming the Sic Bo table layout might appear to novices, we have a couple of tips for you. Read through them and follow each if possible – you’ll not only boost your skills, but also increase your winning chances!

Here are our top tips for playing Sic Bo if you are a beginner:

  1. Stay within your range. Don’t go overboard with your betting range within the game as you can quickly get carried away.
  2. Learn the rules before playing Sic Bo for real money. The game is highly entertaining, but there are many things to keep in mind during play. Moreover, the table layout is complicated for beginners, so make sure you know the ins and outs of the game before you play for real.
  3. Never chase losses. If you start losing money, consider stepping back. Once again, the game is very amusing, but chasing losses is never a good idea. Avoid falling into the trap of the gambler’s fallacy by exiting the game during a losing streak.
  4. Explore strategies to increase your winning chances. Sic Bo is a great game which can be swayed if you know the right strategy. Our site provides excellent playing strategies for Sic Bo so explore them to boost your chances.
  5. Play Sic Bo for free before you play with real funds. If you are not willing to risk precious funds, start by playing for fun. Sic Bo free play is great because it allows you to build skills, get to know the game better, and practice.


In this era of live casino entertainment, we have myriad live Sic Bo games like Mega Sic Bo. Many providers are wary of releasing RNG titles, but not Microgaming. This software champion has already planned to release a collection of RNG games this autumn, and Sic Bo is just the start!

If you want to play Sic Bo Microgaming released in your favourite casino, read through our guide and practice it for free. Also, if you want to share your thoughts with us or add something about this Sic Bo release, drop us a line in the comments section below.


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