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An Exclusive Review of Live Speed Baccarat by NetEnt

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If there is something our team enjoys doing, it’s reviewing live Baccarat tables. The game is an exceptional source of fun, and we love it most when our favourite providers launch a new game — for instance, NetEnt. This award-winning company announced the release of not one, but three different Live Speed Baccarat tables in October.

Join us for a tour around the exciting new release as we present technical details, betting options, and payouts in Speed Baccarat Live tables by NetEnt.

What is Speed Baccarat

What is Live Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat Live is a live dealer table that NetEnt plans to launch on October 29th. There are three tables – Speed Baccarat JadeSpeed Baccarat Silver, and Speed Baccarat Gold. Speed Baccarat is scalable, so an infinite number of players can join the game simultaneously. The tables also connected, which means players have an option to switch between them whenever they want.

NetEnt stated that Speed Baccarat comes with 98.94% RTP, with each side bet having a different RTP rate due to probability. There are six side bets that punters can bet on alongside or without the main bet. An interesting thing about the game is that it is available in two different Live environments. One is a scalable version with bluescreen, while the other two tables will appear in the new Sapphire physical studio. The scalable version features only one table that the punters can see during their playtime.

Key Features

Playing the upcoming Speed Baccarat gives players a multitude of benefits. Like all other live dealer games in NetEnt live portfolio, this one offers impeccable graphics and friendly dealers who speak fluent English.

Let’s see what are the key features in Speed Baccarat from NetEnt:

  • Unlimited players can join the table. 
  • Unique casino environment with striking design and animations. 
  • Low latency video stream in HD. 
  • The quality of streaming quickly adapts to the speed of the connection. 
  • Re-bet feature.  
  • Live Chat.
  • 27 UI languages.   
  • Six different side bets.
  • Fast game rounds with increased efficiency and no waiting times.
  • Personalized interface.

How to Play Speed Baccarat

How to Play Speed Baccarat Live

Now that you are familiar with all the perks of the game, it’s time to play it. This is a live game where the dealer deals cards from the 8-deck shoe. The name comes from the game mechanism according to which all players receive identical cards. This speeds up the process in each round.

As a classic Baccarat variant, Speed Baccarat doesn’t require elaborate knowledge or proficiency of the game. Your task is to guess which hand will win by being the closest to 9 in value. If you are unsure who will win, you can also bet on a Tie. The Tie has 85.64% RTP, while main Player and Banker bets have 98.94% and 98.76% RTP, respectively.

Here is our detailed step-by-step tutorial where you can see how to play Speed Baccarat.

  1. Visit your chosen NetEnt online casino and enter the live lobby.
  2. Find Speed Baccarat and join the table.
  3. Decide how much you want to wager on a round.
  4. Place your main bet and side bets if you want.
  5. Wait for the dealer to draw cards.
  6. The pop-up animations will display the outcome of the round. If you won, the winning amount would instantly go to your balance.

Playing Speed Baccarat for real money is a fun endeavour, especially now that it is scalable. You do not have to wait for an empty seat at the table – there is always room for one punter more.

Side Bets & Payouts

NetEnt introduced six different side bets for the players that wish to stimulate their playtime. Anytime you want, you can turn on the additional betting options and enjoy the thrill of the game while you wait for the results.

Here are the side bets in Speed Blackjack and their payouts:

  • Player Pair: With this option, you wager on the chances of the Player hand consisting of a pair. However, the pair is valid only if it was formed out of the first two cards. The payout rate is 89.64%.
  • Banker Pair: The same as Player Pair, except it refers to the initial two cards of the Banker’s hand. Here, the payout is 89.64%.
  • Big: This wager entails a total of the Banker and Player hands that is 5 or 6 in value. The payout is 93.17%.
  • Small: For the Small side bet to pay, the total sum of the Player and Banker’s hands has to be 4 in total. The payout is 94.72%.
  • Player Bonus: This side bet pays if the Player hand turns out to be a natural win. A natural win is a combination which totals in 8 or 9 right off the bat. Another way to get a Player Bonus payout is if the Player beats the Banker by at least 4 points (even with a non-natural card combo). The payout is 97.35%.
  • Banker Bonus: Just like the Player Bonus, Banker Bonus is yours if you get a Banker hand that is a natural or 4 points higher in value than the Player hand. The payout is 90.63%.

Table Bet Limits

As a provider that takes great care of its player satisfaction, NetEnt made sure to give you enough room to experiment with bets. Hence, depending on your gambling preference, you can pick between three different limits for bets. Wager limits per table are displayed below in our table.

General Bet Limits Per Table
Table Limits Low Roller Medium Roller High Roller
Default Minimum Bet 1 EUR 1 EUR 5 EUR
Default Maximum Bet 5000 EUR 5000 EUR 15000 EUR

The range is not the same for main and side bets. The side bet limits per table are visible in our second table below.

Side Bet Limits Per Table
Side Bets Low Roller Medium Roller High Roller
Player/Banker Pair 1-250 EUR 1-120 EUR 1-250 EUR
Player/ Banker Bonus 1-1000 EUR 1-1000 EUR 1-2000 EUR
Big/ Small 1-500 EUR 1-500 EUR 1-1000 EUR
Tie 1-2500 EUR 1-2500 EUR 5-5000 EUR

Where to Play Speed Baccarat

With a player base that spans millions of punters across several continents, NetEnt is a highly recognized global leader. It works with a plethora of top online casinos, including Energy, Videoslots, and Revoluiton casino.

Play Speed Baccarat at Energy Casino

Energy casino is a champion that displays top-rated NetEnt casino games. The collection found at this venue features a plethora of live games too, including Speed Baccarat. You will be able to enjoy the games as soon as they launch.

Play Speed Baccarat at Videoslots

Videoslots might be a perfect place for playing slots, but the biggest online casino in the world delivers live games as well. NetEnt, along with Evolution Gaming, is a prime contributor to its growing collection of live dealer titles.

Play Speed Baccarat at Revolution Casino

Tips for Speed Baccarat Play for Beginners

If you are familiar with classic Baccarat, you don’t need complex strategies for playing Speed Baccarat. Nevertheless, preparing yourself for the experience cannot hurt.

Here are our top tips for playing Speed Baccarat that you can use to improve your skills and ensure a great gaming experience.

  • Know your limits.Set a wagering limit before you enter the live lobby. But more importantly, stick to it throughout the session!
  • Start small.Don’t wager a lot if you are new to the game. It’s better to start with smaller stakes and then increase them slowly as you gain confidence in the game.
  • Check the casino T&C.In case you are at the casino for the first time, take your time getting to know it. T&C is the best place to start.
  • Use a solid strategy that you are familiar with. Don’t experiment with novel Baccarat strategies the first time you play the game. Only once you become more relaxed should you add new playing methods and tricks. For instance, edge sorting is a great method – but only for experienced gamers.

Our Thoughts on the New Release

Exciting, refreshing, and bringing on the classics – that is the best way to describe the new Speed Baccarat tables. If you are a fan of the game, you will surely love the modern live rendition that NetEnt plans to release.

While you wait for a taste of the new Speed Baccarat game – October is close, but not that close – we suggest you try out other NetEnt live games. And don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments section below – we love hearing from you!


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