7 Common Mistakes Keeping You From Scoring Big Wins at Slots

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Although originally designed as distractions, online slots garner more money than all other casino games combined. Big casino wins are possible through a myriad gambling games, true, but slots have the most power – and the biggest capacity to fail as well.

Use this article as a guide for winning big at slots. The first step – eliminate mistakes preventing you from scoring big! Big slot wins are not a pipe dream anymore. Read on to learn how to win at slots, what slots pay the most, and which tactics help with online slot games.

How to Win at Slots?

How to win at slots is actually the basic question that slot players pose. Pondering upon such a dubiety will still wear you down and make more harm than good. Wondering about how this person hit the jackpot minutes after you walked away from that particular machine is not – in simplest of terms – good for your health. The question is the same with online video slots. One would think that with thousands of slot games of various types and forms you have greater winning chances but, oh boy, is that not the case.

Unfortunately, regardless of our casino expertise, we are not in a position to provide the answer to this question. We can, however, offer a compromise solution – a list of most common mistakes all casino players make. What we highlighted below is a list of seven problems most players encounter while their chances of landing that elusive slot payout keep decreasing.

Here’s what to do (and don’t) to ensure big slot wins.

  1. Don’t play at an unreliable online casino.
  2. Know when to leave.
  3. Never max out.
  4. High volatility slots do not imply high wins necessarily.
  5. Don’t disregard the importance of RTP.
  6. Sticking to a certain slot type is never a good idea.
  7. Don’t get sucked into the progressive jackpot jungle.

Now that you’ve seen what we offer, let’s dissect every tip in detail.

Don’t Play at An Unreliable Online Casino

The online casino universe is expanding at an unbelievable rate. New gaming venues are popping up on daily basis and players are today facing a great dilemma when it comes to choosing the best online casino that suits their needs.

Operators are competing to attain and retain players with different types of incentives – welcome bonuses, sign up promotions, daily deals and all other types of speciality perks – but there is a universal rule of thumb which can be accurately applied when looking for gaming venues you can trust.

Before you hit the reels at your favourite slot game you will need to double check the casino.

Finding an unreliable gaming venue has become increasingly easy nowadays with all of the speciality websites – such as our own BestCasinos website for that matter – which offer expert guides and reviews to direct you towards only the most respectable, safe and secure establishments out there.

Once you set foot to a lobby of an online casino which is fully licensed by a global gaming authority and has a seal of approval from independent audits, you will be able to relax and fully focus on earning some coins off of those reels.

Know When to Leave

Boundaries are a quintessential element of your gambling career. A player must always be in control of their doings, including money and time. The time spent at the table directly affects your balance – so you might want to keep an eye on the watch to not get carried away.

You’ll see in a bit how poor money management can affect you, but it’s crucial to remember that money management does not go without time management. You can play to spend a certain amount at the table, but what if you win? Are you going to stay there or leave the table? Our advice would be to leave the table, but not all players would come to that conclusion.

That’s why it’s important to have a time constraint before entering a game. That way, you will be in the game for a short period, and regardless of the loss or win amount you have accumulated, you should take control and leave. Even if you do get a big slot win, we recommend sticking to the time schedule instead of your urge to play more.

Never Max Out

Remember this word: Self-limitation. Ask any seasoned gamer and casino goer and they will all agree that setting a limit to your bank roll is a sure-fire strategy to help you avoid going on a downward spiral.

Limiting your wagering and bankroll, in general, is definitely one way to help you win at slots. Managing your funds is a key aspect and a thing you need to do like a pro from the moment you open your account and determine the amount you’ll place on a single spin at your favourite slot machine.

Betting a maximum amount per spin will increase your chances of hitting a win, but it will also drain your budget much faster than you would like it to. You are advised to find your own rhythm and invest only what you can afford. An expensive spin does not necessarily mean a shortcut to major payouts.

High Volatility Slots Do Not Imply High Wins

When it comes to slot games, RTP % – as in return to player percentage – and game volatility are extremely important aspects to take into consideration. Even if you’re nothing more than a gaming novice, you will have heard about the term low and high volatility.

Thinking about how to win at slots, one definitely needs to understand that high volatility does not guarantee big payouts.

Generally speaking, slots with higher volatility usually boast a rather dynamic and eventful gameplay. High volatility slots – unlike the low ones – will not hit your bag with frequent small wins. Still, hold your horses with expecting to land equally frequent significant winnings. Wins from high volatility slots are generally huge in amount but they tend to come few and far between. This piece right here will provide a valuable insight in understanding slot variance and why it matters.

Don’t Disregard the Importance of RTP

Average RTP value – as mentioned above – is the percentage of wagered money a slot game will pay back to players over a certain period of time. What this means in theory is that is you make a hundred $1 bets per spin on a machine with an RTP of 90%, you should expect to get back around $90 in wins.

It is a common misconception that high RTP games of let’s say 98% and higher will guarantee the exact return throughout the gameplay and that’s definitely one thing all slot players should make note of. A slot game could have a super high RTP in the base game but that’s what crucial here – base game.

Special features such as Free Spins or any other type of bonus round will have a significantly lower RTP compared to the main game dynamics. When it comes to RTP rate, chasing a win in the base game could prove to be much more lucrative than hoping for the big wins during the special rounds.

Sticking to a Certain Slot Type Is Never a Good Idea

The beauty of slot games is that they come in so many different forms and shapes that it can be completely mesmerizing – and in some instances overwhelming. But sticking to just one slot type simply because you’re a neophobe and won’t let go of the one-armed bandits, or classic three-reel slot variants with no more than a couple of paylines,  is just plain dumb.

Slot games come in such an array of gameplays, mechanics, bonus and special features that it would be a real shame not to try them all. Or at least a great number of them. Slot games have come a great distance from classic three-reelers and now come in a standard 5-reel form but also a selection of expanding and, in one word, dynamic reel grids. So if you decidedly want to look for the biggest online slot wins, don’t be afraid to experiment and diversify!

Don’t Get Sucked Into the Progressive Jackpot Jungle

Progressives. Everybody loves them. Just as they should. The biggest appeal of this type of slot games is a gigantic jackpot attached which offers a life-changing opportunity of landing it big. And we mean big.

Modern progressives offer greatly dynamic gameplays and an exciting experience all around. But those players who think there is a pattern behind them are doomed even before they’ve started playing. Some gamblers will hit the desk with progressive spins thinking that these games are bound to pay out after a certain number of spins. To put it simple – they aren’t. You cannot form a failsafe method to ensure a winning slot system behind a progressive slot game. So don’t waste your time trying to create one.

Key Tips to Winning At Slots

We’ve placed accent on what players need to avoid to get sucked into a losing spiral of the slot games. And so we find it fitting to conclude on a highly positive note and give you a set of tips for exploration and learning to maximise your winning potential in slots.

We won’t drag it any further with any bullet points, formulas, tables and strategies here. Instead, we’ll simply give you a nudge in this direction.


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