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Roulette MAX Live is a revolutionary NetEnt live casino game with four unique wheels, 5,000x max win, and no RNG overlay. NetEnt Roulette MAX Live launches on December 1st, 2020.

The game has everything you could possibly need, and more! Join BestCasinos as we take an exclusive tour around one of the most coveted live dealer game releases this year. We’ll show you the ropes, technical details, and even casino websites where you can play Roulette MAX Live for real money.

Game Overview: What Is Roulette MAX Live?

Roulette MAX NetEnt Live Dealer Table Game Play

Roulette MAX is a revolutionary concept which NetEnt plans to launch in December. The game belongs to the live dealer genre, which means it’s live, streamed in real-time, and includes live-action.

It features 4 Roulette wheels which increase scalability and enable players to enjoy a wider selection of betting options. The standard wheel is joined by three extra wheels which also boost volatility, but there’s no RNG overlay.

Punters can take home up to 5,000x as max payout, even with a tiny wager.

Another great thing about the new release is the Game Presenter who replaced old-fashioned dealers and hosts. The role of the Presenter is to host the game, talk with players, and comment on the action. Even tips and predictions are included, so prepare for an exciting experience which Roulette MAX live promises to deliver.

Bet limits vary between low, medium, and high roller modes. The least you can wager is €0.10, while the maximum goes up to €75,000 if you join a high roller game. Main bets have 97.05% RTP, surpassed only by column bets which offer 97.41% RTP.

Key Game Features

The game is going to be a hit, that much is for sure. It cannot go any other way, given how awash with features it is. NetEnt pulled all the stops with this one, we say!

Here are the key features of Roulette MAX Live, which are guaranteed to boost your gaming experience:

  • Four wheels, one main and three additional
  • Game Multipliers
  • Unlimited number of players can join the session
  • Visually striking environment with exciting design
  • Coverage issues solved with the removal of classic outside bets
  • 25 UI languages
  • 50 currencies
  • Game Presenter instead of a host
  • No RNG
  • New and unique bet types
  • Open 24/7
  • 5,000x max payout

How to Play Roulette MAX Live

Roulette MAX is a variation of the standard European Roulette. We say variation because the added bet types have the power to change the gameplay completely. You still get to enjoy your favourite game, only in a better way.

To play Roulette MAX live, you first need to hit a NetEnt online casino with a live lobby. Once there, enter the lobby and locate the table.

Here is a step-by-step guide for playing Roulette Max Live:

  1. Join the game.
  2. Pick a bet for your first round.
  3. Pick a spot where you wish to place your wager on (or spots)
  4. Wait for the wheels to stop and see the result
  5. If you win, you will automatically receive your winnings
  6. Prepare for the next round by setting a wager and spot on the table

NetEnt promises this game to be a spectacular game with infinite chances to win. Thanks to special additional bets, your experience will be even better.

Let’s have a look at the bets which you can use in Roulette MAX.

Bet Types

The upcoming Roulette MAX release boasts standard wagering options, as well as a couple of brand-new options which boost your gaming experience.

The standard ones include column bets which pay out if two or more results from all four wheels fall into a single column.

Colour bets pay if three or four outcomes turn out to be either red or black.

MAX bets pay if two or more wheels have an identical result, any result.

Spread bet is your wagering option which allows you to wager on the sum of all results on all four wheels.

Combination bets entail wagers on results which repeat on at least two wheels within the same game round.

During the game, you always have the option to repeat, double or undo your wagers on the table.

Paytable & Payouts





Main Bet

Straight – All 4 Wheels 4999:1 97.05%
Straight – Any 3 Wheels 499:1
Straight – Any 2 Wheels 49:1
Straight – Main Wheel Only 28:1


Line Bet

Split 17:1 94.74%
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1


Column Bet

Column: 4 numbers 11:1 97.41%
Column: 3 numbers 5:1
5 0:1 (Push)



Any number on 4 wheels 499:1  



Any number on 3 wheels 49:1
Any number on 2 wheels 4:1
2 numbers on 2 wheels each 9:1


Colour Bet Red

4 Reds 3:1 93.35%
3 Reds 2:1

Colour Bet Black

4 Blacks 3:1
3 Blacks 2:1


Spread bets 1

0-17 299:1 95.80%

Spread bets 2

18-36 19:1 91.14%

Spread bets 3

37-82 1:2 95.05%

Spread bets 4

83-96 4:1 93.17%

Spread bets 5

97-119 7:1 96.22%

Spread bets 6

120-144 84:1 92.86%

The RTP of the live dealer table varies for each wager; however, the optimal RTP rate is 97.05%. Column wagers have the highest rates, clocking in on 97.41% RTP.

Tips for Playing Roulette MAX for Real Money

If you are wondering about the best way to beat this amazing new release, wonder no more. BestCasinos put together a compilation of hot tips for playing Roulette MAX for real money.

Just follow these tips, and you’ll be getting wins left and right in no time:

  1. Start small. Always go in with smaller bets. You don’t want to risk money before you get to know the table well.
  2. Pick a wagering limit and stick to it. Try to stay within your betting limit to ensure a safer session.
  3. Research strategies and use them well. If you are a beginner, complex strategies will not be of great help, but neither will a no-strategy approach. Pick one that suits your skill level and play away.

Since this is a live dealer table, there is no option to try it out for free. Rather, you will have to wait until the day of the release to play it. But don’t let that discourage you! You can still practice playing Roulette live in other releases from NetEnt.

Where to Play

Given how popular NetEnt online releases are, we have no doubts this one will appear across all NetEnt online casinos worldwide. Our safest bet is on Energy Casino, as it’s a major global brand with a full portfolio of NetEnt live tables. Let’s see which other venues might offer Roulette MAX live starting from December 1st.

Energy Casino is another one of popular NetEnt casinos. It has an amazing collection of tables from this provider and Evolution. If you want to play premium content, Energy Casino is the place to look for it.

Play Roulette MAX Live at Energy Casino

Our third recommendation for Roulette MAX Live playtime is Plaza Royal. This venue offers a stellar portfolio topped off with an amazing welcome bonus. If you want to learn more about this venue, go check out our elaborate casino reviews.

Play Roulette MAX Live at Plaza Royal

Play NetEnt Roulette MAX Live Online

Closing Thoughts

Our excitement over the upcoming release is hard to put into words. But we will try, just for you.

Overall, what we learned so far about the game suggests it will be an instant hit with the players. Gamblers and casino aficionados will have a field day with it, mainly because it promises a brand-new experience never before seen in a live casino.

We are looking forward to the release of Roulette MAX Live (it drops on December 1st, by the way) and we hope you are too! Drop us a line in the comments below if you want to share your thoughts about the NetEnt live release. And stay tuned for more info about the release!


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