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Pragmatic Play Unveils the Exciting Roulette Azure Table

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In one of our previous articles, we presented the new Blackjack Azure tables from Pragmatic Play. Together with Roulette Azure, these new tables marked the expansion of Pragmatic Play’s famous live casino vertical. team has decided to have a look at the new live Roulette table as well and show you what’s new and interesting in the new addition. Stick with us if you want to learn more about the game! We’ll show you how to play Roulette Azure and which casinos offer Roulette Azure in their lobbies.

Roulette Azure Article Overview

Brief Game Overview

For starters, Roulette Azure is a brand-new live Roulette table that enriched Pragmatic Play’s live portfolio. Roulette Azure officially came out on September 9th and is accessible in all major casinos that work with Pragmatic Play.

Players are welcome to join the table anytime they want as it’s open 24/7. To play, they only need to locate it in the company’s Roulette Lobby.

This is a European variant, which means it has only one zero on the wheel. The company stated that Roulette Azure has 97.30% RTP and high volatility.

It is part of the same series that the innovative game producer launched at the beginning of September with Blackjack Azure.

Key Features

Our Roulette fans are probably quite impatient to hear what’s new with this game. Pragmatic Play obviously sought to introduce a more accommodated experience for its players, as the new game boasts a plethora of great options.

Here are the key features of Roulette Azure:

  • Four 4K cameras with immersive view
  • Four Racetrack sections and a neighbour bets selector
  • Game statistics and bet history
  • Autoplay
  • Bets validation
  • 100+ currencies
  • Four operating languages and 21 UI languages
  • An option to save favourite bets
  • Live Chat
  • Special Final En Plain, Finales a Cheval, Full Complete bets

Furthermore, the company emphasised the studio environment as well. The table features deep blue accents which add a luxuriant note to the experience. There is no doubt the players will enjoy the improved design of the table, which brings punters a step closer to the authentic land-based casino atmosphere.

Don’t hesitate to try out and enjoy every single perk that the award-winning game author incorporated for you.

How to Play Roulette Azure

Now that you are acquainted with Roulette Azure, it’s time to play.

But how to play Roulette Azure? is here to help you with that too.

As this is a live dealer table, you cannot play for fun. You can only play Roulette Azure for real money in top-rated Pragmatic Play online casinos.

To do that, you must first register at one of the venues that support content from this provider. If you are already a member, you can proceed with finding this game in the lobby.

Here is our step-by-step guide for playing Roulette Azure.

  1. Find the table and join.
  2. Pick a bet amount that you want to start the game with.
  3. Place a bet on the layout. You can choose between the standard bets and the special ones which we mentioned in key features.
  4. Wait for the host to spin the wheel.
  5. When the ball lands in one of the pockets, the results will be displayed immediately.
  6. If you win the bet, you automatically collect winnings. If not, the bet amount will be deducted from your balance.
  7. As the new round starts, you can pick a wager and place a bet again for the new round.

The game has a typical table limit for Pragmatic Play Roulette tables. The minimum wager amount is €0.10, while the maximum amount you can wager is €2,000.

You have 18 seconds to select an amount and place a wager on a desired spot on the table. If standard betting options aren’t exciting enough for you, you can try out the special bets that the provider added.

Special Bets

Next to outside and inside bets, you can spice up your experience with special bets. This European variant allows you to wager on Final En Plain, Finales a Cheval, and a Full Complete bet. Below you will find more details about each special wagering option.

  • Final En Plain: Finale En Plain refers to a bet that players use to wager on one number and all additional numbers that end with that number. Here is an example: if you wager on Final En Plain 2, you bet on 2, 12, 22, and 32.
  • Finales a Cheval: This betting option includes a split bet on 2 numbers along with additional split bets on numbers that end with the same numbers. In other words, Finales a Cheval 3/6 bet is a split bet on both 3 and 6. Moreover, it involves other split bets on 13/16, 23/26, and 33/36.
  • Full Complete: A Full Complete bet is a type of complete bets that wagers on all inside bets for a specific digit. In modern casinos, such betting options are typically reserved for high rollers. In plain English, this wagering option is called a maximum bet.

Live Roulette Azure Table with Host

Tips for Advanced Roulette Azure Play

Pragmatic Play intended Roulette Azure to be easy to play the game with straightforward rules. Hence, you do not require extensive strategies for Roulette Azure to boost your winning chances.

All you need is the basic knowledge of playing European Roulette online. However, a few hot tips for improved gameplay won’t hurt.

Here are our top 5 tips for playing Roulette Azure for real money. 

  1. Create a wagering limit before you start playing the game. And avoid swerving as you might lose precious funds otherwise.
  2. If you are using a Roulette strategy, try to stick to it throughout your entire gaming session. Don’t switch strategies mid-session.
  3. Check game info and the paytable to see the payouts for each option. And please memorise them well, as they are quite important for your session.
  4. Use the Live Chat when needed. Chat with the host if you experience any issues or have any questions about the game.
  5. Stop when you start losing. A progressive strategy that pushes you to continue despite sour losses might endanger you and your cash balance. So, if you start losing, consider leaving the table for a break.

Where to Play Roulette Azure

Pragmatic Play is a busy company which launches new content every month. Another thing that the company is famous for is collaboration. Pragmatic Play has just signed a deal with EveryMatrix which will bring its live content straight to EveryMatrix casinos. Among its popular brands are 1xBet, Jetbull, and Dafabet. Let’s see which casinos are the best places to try out Roulette Azure.

Play Roulette Azure at PlayOJO

The first casino that we recommend for this game is PlayOJO. This venue is so grand that it doesn’t need an introduction – visit it and see for yourself. PlayOJO is a superb casino site to enjoy all Azure live tables.

Play Roulette Azure at 1xBet

1xBet is an international brand which offers sports betting, casino, and live casino content. Its portfolio includes some of the biggest names in the industry, and Pragmatic Play is right there at the top.

Play Roulette Azure at 888

And finally, our third recommendation for you is the legendary 888 Casino. In August, 888 became one of premium casino websites which offer Pragmatic Play live games. Besides this one, you can enjoy all the Blackjack Azure games as well.

Final Thoughts

The new live table from Pragmatic Play might not feature a revolutionary add-on, booster, or mechanics. It is, admittedly, a simple and elegant live Roulette variant with interesting playtime options.

And there lies its beauty. The live casino content provider wanted to give its customers something sophisticated, yet almost effortless to beat. A truly impressive blend of quality and creativity that blooms in Pragmatic Play’s studio. If you enjoyed what you’ve seen here, don’t miss a chance to try Roulette Azure in your favourite casino!


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